New Tag Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Special Edition

Switzerland Temporation Giant Tag heuer is 2020 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the establishment, and celebrate this unforgettable milestone, and a watched brand has released considerable reference. One of them was the interpretation of the mid-1960s, Carrera 45 Dato (Reference 3147). The watch is iconic because it has a very unusual red date in 12 o’clock position. Tag Ewuer issued this year’s two references can be provided in 44 mm wide, and the baffles and sub-diaphones are contracted.

New Special Edition TAG Heuer Carrela Motion Time Code Table

In my opinion, the unique way to connect this watch to the original is displayed on the red date of the 12 o’clock tag. The rest of the characteristics and aesthetics laugh from the modern line of the kara watch. Large sized cases, arterial rates on the baffle, and modern H-Link are called bracelets, all of which are easy to find in the modern Carrera lineup.

It can be said that the purpose of this watch is to combine the historical design characteristics of the label to today’s REDGY Carreras time.


Brands have released two references. These two reference values ​​are 44 mm wide and thick. As mentioned earlier, we have a white dial-up blue dial with a white dial with comparative color scheme. White dial with a black ceramic arterial baffle. On the other hand, a blue ceramic arterial baffle will be obtained using a reference to a blue dial.

Three red sports mouth can be found on a 30 minute timer sub-dial. These provide a beautiful design element that is sports and weird. This also displays the red dates from 12 o’clock and red chronograph seconds.

In each reference, the time code table is very loyal to the foundation of Carrera design. The entire setting is very clear, it is actually suitable for the blueprint of Carrera. Finally, the top ceramic baffles not only look gorgeous, but they are expected to keep this way for a long time.


Watch, such as many Tag Heuer Carrera watches today, using caliber Deluxe Normal University 02. It is said that this movement is a new timer mechanism for the luxury. This movement uses vertical clutches and column wheels.

This movement was originally introduced in 2013 as a caliber in 1969. Later, it was paused, and then eventually recovered the 2017 large-scale launch TAG Heuer lineup, The Autavia Heritage Caliber Heuer 02. Tags, a high-speed label 02, automatic movement, is a wonderful timer mechanism, providing top services.

Brand new Tag Heuer Carrera 160 Monterell Limited Edition

In one industry, it is completed in 160 years, as competitive, just like Switzerland’s high Horlogerie. In order to celebrate this achievement, the Swiss watchmaker label is rolling. One of the clocks it publishes marks this milestone is the 160th anniversary of the Special Carrera Montreal Limited Edition. The clock is only 1000 pieces, it comes from the characteristics of modern Carrera lines. However, it is severely inspired by retro luxury Montreal timeline clock. The color theme of the new clock is also adopted from the watch.

Heuer Montreal’s Tag Heuer was initially launched in 1972. This is a huge leap of bee brands, with terminology and technology technology. A 42 mm case (suitable for that time), a 70-year-old atmosphere, is abandoned on the dial. The clock uses the mouth-watering diameter 12 and has a double COMPAX sub-deployment. The date is displayed in 6 o’clock tag.

The new 2020 release is a different TAD, but not too much. Observe its DNA with Aboriginal people and add a modern style to it. However, the model did not mention “Montreal” anywhere on the dial. Although it does reflect the softness of the watch.

2020 iterations have smoothed, I can add a thin 39 mm housing. There are 42 mm in the original. There is also a date in the 6 o’clock mark, 2020 versions have a letter. This is a bold action from the brand because it does not often have a modern reinterpretation of wine hit, and lacks complications of earlier versions. cheap Tag Heuer

Honest opinion

The 2020 edition of tag Carrera 160 years of Monterell is an absolute flap. Watch is elegant, clean, balanced. Dial, especially a key attraction. It is a mute white, a blue ring around the interior of the dial. Under careful appearance, you will notice a white flange, showing red and blue 60 second counter.

The second hand of the chronograph is made in the dark red paint. Very great choice. The dial further shows three deep blue concentric circles (azure) sub-dials. The overall color palette of the watch pays tribute to the original Montreal watch. It is full of energetic, weird, and even small bold.

In the exercise, the watch is powered by the luxury 02 of the Hyracle Cantoneum, and the internal manufacturing movement. The mechanism has a vertical clutch, column wheel, and final but not least least, 80 hours of power reserves. Each fashion replica watches has its unique limit number on the latter sapphire show.