Breitling Superocean 44 Australia Edition U173672A1B1A1

Replica Breitling Superocean 44 Australia Edition U173672A1B1A1 Men Watch

44 mm
Stainless Steel,Red Gold
Dial Colour :Black

Type : Automatic


1000 m


Stainless Steel


Breitling Superocean 46 Black Watch

Breitling continues to incorporate a large number of stocks into its super password – the standard super female and retro theme of the superheritance is a brand’s bestseller, you can find the stacked products. A case is how many different sizes of super women (even in the super legacy). At present, Breitling provides super outer chips in 42mm, 44mm, 46mm, and 48mm wide. This generation of hundred years of super seas in 2019. Today, I have read a poor super automatic 46 watch – that is, a “black” version with dark gray DLC coating (most) steel shell.

Note that larger super external automatic 48 has a different watch in a simpler dial and border lock switch on the side of the housing. I actually really like that model, but also to save the discussion of the watch model on different articles. Currently, let’s take a look at the second largest frequency super female model for hundreds of years: Super Hatrus automatic 46 watches. The basic similar this watch (case and dialing, although different colors) are also provided in the 44 and 42 mm wide sizes.

Replica Breitling Superocean 44 Australia Edition U173672A1B1A1 Men Watch

Super ocean has always been one of the most comfortable and multi-functional daily wear options for hundreds of years. These are all-PMorat Sports Discount watches, using Manso twisted to them, exquisite design and construction, let them feel significantly high-end. The price is wise, they are not cheap, but there is definitely one hour, no too much, but this is two to three times the price. This generation of super sea defense is a waterproof (48 m, water resistant to 3,000 meters) depth, making it a diver style watch. Strong cases and components are used for deep water resistance, but in most professional diving scenarios, there is actually more than 300 meters of water resistance.

In some cases, a 46 mm wide steel box is matched. The picture is the reference U17368221B1S1 Super Hatrus Automatic 46 Black Steel and 18K Red Gold Model (Asahi) and other black coated steel box paired 18k red gold baffle. It adds prices, but helps to watch treatment for this tool to add more extravagant spices. 46 mm wide cases have indeed wear (but in a pleasant way), 16.8 mm thick, and distance distance is 57.6mm. They also designed for 24 mm wide shoulder straps. Note that there is an automatic helium release valve on the side of the housing.

In the past, a single-way rotary baffle in the past is designed with a vulcanized rubber, inserting embossed numbers and tags. Although I don’t believe in the use of sulfurized rubber, the baffle is still raised, the brushed marker and the lower black surface of the more matte. The super password is enjoyed by many tools to watch, especially because of its meaningless gestures, although it has a fine European appearance.

In the ultra-sea, the automatic 46 watches are best Breitling line caliber 17 automatic exercise, this is an al-base ETA automatic (I believe 2824-2), have obtained COSC Chronometer certification. It is a basic movement, but here is a high-end version, which is a value-added value as a timer authentication. Really, for a three-hand movement, this is fine in the date without a display cabinet. That is to say, the same price level with the super altitude 46 is performed, and there is a fancier (but not necessarily better) mechanical movement.

Attach the case is a high-quality rubber strap, a hundred years of label brand. The company also sells compatible NATO shoulder straps, which look very well on the super password 46, because I see all kinds of people wear them. Please note that Breitling provides a rubber band on a traditional pin or folding folding ring.

At present, Breitling is only available in the bracelet of 42 mm and 44 mm wide model and natural steel (not black coating). I want to see some little things, maybe a limited super female 46 is a no-dial option, which can be used for super password 48, and it is really that I really like this bigger observation.

Other version of the Breitling Superocean 46, in addition to the black with 18k red gold reference U17368221B1S1, is the black with blue dial reference M17368D71C1S1, black with yellow dial reference M17368D71I1S1, and the black on black reference M17368B71B1S1.