Breitling new super Chronomat 44 B01

New watch release: Breitling launched a new super Chronomat 44 B01 and four years of calendar

Today, Breitling released a new big brother popular Chronomat. The new super chronomat is the most unhappy, perhaps the most ambitious, except for the Swiss brand’s sports time code table series. Breitling said that Super Chronomat is “The final choice for those who want to aim a strong and fashion”. Sales Spiel shelves, I tend to agree, because my initial impression is that they look very sturdy, and they are also very fashionable to start. Of course, I am looking forward to anything that is a hundred years of spirit. I only look at the amazing four-year calendar model!

FRECCE TRICOLII watched the 100-year spirit created for the Italian Air Force’s hot spot for the Italian Air Force provided super Chronomat inspiration. FRECCE TRICOLORI chromat is an elegant decimal in his own rights, and this is bought in the first time of last year. It is labeled 44 mm to 42mm waistline reduction, and refreshes the 2018 Chronomat restart. Hundred Years now has seen a size suitable for re-introducing 44 meters to supplement 42mm.

Count or count down
In consistent with the original Chronomat, the hundred years retains the signature driver label at the basic point on the one-way baffle. Therefore, they have additional benefits to protect large sapphire crystals from harm. However, of course, in the outer surface and the internal AR coating, any scratches that help protect super Chronomat will help to be popular. The wearer can also switch 15 and 45 tags to change the ramp function from counting countdown. This is a subtle touch, I always say, “There are some things you don’t use very well, not completely.”

Chronomat’s big brother
Since the name may indicate that the Centennial Chronomat B01 44 is the next size of its smaller 42mm brother. 44 mm cases add a little additional focus for those who like the strong emotions of their watches. There are three main “taste” in the main “taste” of B0144. 2 is a combination of blue or black dial / baffles in stainless steel. The third is a combination of chocolate brown dial / Besi, with 18kt red gold. The baffle uses ceramic insert – the first in Chronomat. All models have a contrast silver timer counter provided by COSC authentication for a hundred-year-in-line manufacturing caliber 01, which provides a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. In order to go to any character, Super Chronomat is a waterproof of up to 200 meters.

For those who want some unusual people, there is a black dial-up version of Super Chronomat, with the UTC module embedded in the Rouleaux bracelet. Refer to universal time coordination, this provides a method of tracking extra time zones, and is a weird hundred years of spiritual function, dating back to the 1980s. It will increase the weight of the watch that exceeds the child, but it seems to be completely worth it.

Rouleeaux to rubber
Breitling offers two table with the wearer to choose Super Chronomat. For our intermediate bracelet enthusiasts, classic Rouleeaux bracelets, or more avant-garde and sports appearance, there is a new Rouleaux style rubber band, blue, black or brown, with butterfly buckle. I have only seen this photo so far, but the strap look great. On the paper, I don’t like the sound of the bracelet of the watch, but the design team seems to have done a license.

Chronicat’s new rubber strip adopts the most advanced injection molding technology. Three different textures gave it a depth of understanding and not to see the rustic. I wore me in the rubber shoulder strap, so I sometimes like to see this in the body. Blue dial / baffle on blue rubber may be the choice of the bundles of me now!

Complex chronomat
Hundred Years Decided that it is not satisfied with the B01 44 is the life and soul of the Super Chronomat party. Therefore, it also introduces a complex annual version, named Super Chronomat 44 four-year calendar. It may not be the most attractive name, but it is directly here! The four-year calendar has annual calendar date complications, only need to be adjusted once every time. That is every 1461 days.

This beautiful decimal is two versions. The first is a black dial, a tone adjustment timer counter, a stainless steel baffle with a black ceramic border, and 18TK red gold elements. Other choices? Collect blue dials, with tone adjustment tabs and 18kt red golden baffles, with blue ceramic inserts. The 100-year spirit line potential 19 is powered on this watch; COSC certified chronograph moves, with a half permanent calendar with a MoonPhase indicator.

In all, the Super Chronomat is an excellent addition to the Chronomat stable. Breitling has made a supercharged, all-purpose sports watch that’s elegant enough for the evening as well.



Super Chonromat 44 B01 & Four Year Calendar

Black, blue or brown

Stainless steel, 18kt red gold or a combination

44mm x 53.5mm x 14.45mm (B01) or 14.55mm (FYC)

Sapphire with AR coating on both sides

Sapphire display case back

Breitling Caliber 01 (B01) or Caliber 19 (FYC)

200m (B01) or 100m (FYC)

Choice of rubber or bracelet. Bracelet is available in stainless steel, red gold, or combination.