Jacob & Co. twin turbine watches

Jacob & Co. teams have global pictures, fast and passionate twin turbine watches

Swiss watch brand Jacob & Co. Whose motives are “impossible inspiration”, which organizes a limited fast and passion twin turbine watch with the fast and passion movie legend of the global picture. So far, fast and fierce film franchises form eight movies, plans to play at the end of this month. After a similar worship, this movie has earned approximately $ 6 billion in the global box office. Interestingly, Jacob & Co. Has its own version of the speed, in the form of a double turbine, high-tech, high mechanical watch.

Based on the brand’s existing twin turbocharged angry new fast violent double turbine watch is made in 88 forged carbon shells, steel baffles and accents. It has a large sapphire crystal dial, providing images in the upper part of the fake watch, providing images from the previous 2001 fast and intense movie. The image is a “start” girl, the checkered flag is ready. After her, the etched scene depicts several hot rods to prepare the game drama quarter miles. Of course, the fast and passion logo resides above the image.

Art racing images believe in the complexity of this watch engine. Jacob & Co. Caliber JCFM05 Manual Winding Movement includes huge 832 components. At the lower part of the dial, since the two three-dimensional triaxic gyro sets, speed and motion are also caught in the 24, 48 and 180 seconds of each axis, respectively. Since some of the watch on the wrist. By having a multi-axis gaven, please compensate for multiple locations on your wrist – make your watch are highly accurate. The bottom of the watch between the escapement is a fuel amount indicator, which is actually a power reserve of the watch.

Fast and fierce double turbine watch also have another complications: a decisor of the decimal division. Although it is independent of the car, the decimal repeater edits, on-demand, time, 10 minutes per hour, and minutes of the past 10 minutes. High melody, it offers wheezing of roaring engines ride.

The automatic inspiration watch is also equipped with a roller single hole for timing activities (that is one-quart mile). The entire color code of the watch is black, red accent – emphasizes the topic of the car. There is even a “pitboard” reference index that recalls the old handheld pit board. The sapphire case returns to allow watching motion and has a fast and intense dual turbocharged name.

Limited version of the watch marries from General Picture Franchise and luxury watch brands. In the watch, the characteristic of the movie legend is the image on the face, depicing a starting girl, holding a checkered flag, ready to make a game, which is her two hot cars behind her. The watch also has fast and passionate signs, and the watch is designed to speed like a car. The power reserve indicator is also called a fuel meter.

“Our double turbocharged is angry is a franchise right for fast and fanatics,” Jacob Arabia Jacob Naff, Jacob & Co. Co.ceo said in a press release. “Not only is the name of our watches, but also overall emphasizes speed and excellence. Jacob & Co. It has been in a number of important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity such as our DNA. New fast and fierce double Turbo is a great watch. “

The watch is based on the original Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious, and is limited to the celebration of nine pieces of fast and fierce film F9.