Blancpain 50 fathoms

In-depth interpretation, Blancpain 50 fathoms, is it worth buying?

Blancpain’s 50 Fathoms is one of the most popular sports watches in China. Because of its popularity, many people buy them, and there are many discussions about the 50 Fathoms. Players express their opinions and agree. The 50 Fathoms is also one of the most famous watches I have come into contact with. From the original 45mm classic version to the Bathyscaphe, which has the largest circulation today, it has steel, titanium, and ceramic cases. Today, I want to talk about the 50 fathoms I know, not black or blowing.

Why has there been little discussion in the past 50 fathoms?

When I first came into contact with famous watches, there was very little discussion about the 50 Fathoms. Why? Because the word “expensive”. In the past (before 2013), there was only one Blancpain 50 fathom conventional mass-produced model, which was a 45 mm steel shell 50 fathom (steel shell 5015 was impervious to the bottom). At that time, the steel shell was 45 mm and 50 fathoms, and the public price was only 100,000, and Rolex had not been “hot-hyped.” The 45mm 50 fathoms steel case is the most expensive and most equipped professional diving watch among the famous watches. Regardless of the public price or the actual price, it is the most expensive, a bit more expensive than the water ghost. 50 fathoms with a 45mm steel shell, a unique show, no comparable object. So what can be discussed, it is just a word “good”, others are not at the same price level as it. Blancpain fake watches

In this way, the two watches have an intersection, and if there is an intersection, there will be comparison and discussion. Different players have different time to play the watch, and stand at different angles. Their views on 50 Fathoms are different. The discussion focused on the brand, history, the watch itself, and the price/performance ratio.

Although some players will mention the problem of brand outages in history. Historical disconnection is a fact, but I personally don’t care about this kind of problem. Historical disconnection, in the world of famous watches, is a common phenomenon, not uncommon. Lange is also a modern revival. Hublot, Roger Dubuis, and RM are all modern brands, but these watches are very fragrant. Personally, I still value the power of the brand today.

The history of Blancpain’s 50 Fathoms.

Frankly speaking, the Blancpain 50 Fathoms is a watch with a relatively complete historical heritage among the famous watches. The 50 fathoms is the first modern diving watch recognized in history. It was born in 1953 and transformed from a military diving watch to a civilian diving watch. To this day, all models currently on sale have corresponding historical models. Achieved orderly inheritance and traces to follow.

For example, the prototype of the 45 mm 50 fathoms (5015) is the military version of the 50 fathoms in 1953; the 40 mm 50 fathoms “Radiation” (5008D) prototype is the military version of the 50 fathoms in the 1960s; the 40 mm 50 fathoms “Barracuda” (5008B) The prototype is the military version of the 50 fathoms used by the United States and Germany in the 1960s and 1970s; the Bathyscaphe submersible (5000/5100, etc.) prototype is the civilian version of the 50 fathoms in the 1970s. In the historical heritage, the Rolex Water Ghost and Omega Seamaster are comparable to the 50 Fathoms. These three diving watches are recognized as the three major professional diving watches in famous watches.

Now, in various versions of 50 fathoms, 43mm Bathyscaphe deep submersible (model 5000), steel shell and ceramic shell models, are the most circulating and the most bought by players. In terms of watch configuration, I think it is a relatively strong comprehensive level watch among luxury diving watches.

In the professional diving watch, on several key configurations, the 50 fathom Bathyscaphe uses a ceramic ring and a liquid metal scale. Among them, the liquid metal scale is more advanced, so that the bezel scale is not easy to wear, not easy to get dirty, and is more shiny. Better than the lacquered scale used in some diving watch ceramic rings. The watch uses 1315 automatic movement, the biggest technical feature, 5 days power (120 hours), using silicon hairspring, fine adjustment of non-caliber weights. Especially the 5-day power and performance are the leading level among the luxury diving watches on the market. The 1315 movement is through the bottom, the decoration is well polished, the upper plywood and the lower plywood are all polished, the all-gold automatic rotor (automatic rotor is black-plated), and the movement decoration is also the leading level among luxury diving watches. 300 meters waterproof, in line with professional diving watch standards.

50 Fathom Bathyscaphe, steel shell, ceramic shell, you can choose according to your personal choice (worry about ceramics, you can buy steel). The appearance of the popular swiss watch tends to be low-key. Regardless of the steel case or the ceramic case, the case processing is mainly made of wire drawing, with a matte effect. It is a professional and practical route, not a very dazzling and explosive watch.