HYT H1 Hydraulic – Machinery: With the flow

Unless you live in ancient Egypt, China or Greece, you have never seen H1 like other worlds. Welcome to the future, courtesy. Hyt Hydraulic Machinery H1 combines Swiss mechanical high bell table with ancient mountain top “Water Clock”, combined with the first fluid time interface.

Twin metal bellows form the technique of revolutionary HYT caliber 101 and aesthetic core. Each bellows act as a high viscosity fluid: a fluorescent green, a clear. The calibration of the reservoir is used as the hourly track, and the visible meniscus between the two fluids acts as a mobile hour index or “hour hand”.

In addition, replica Hyt H1 is a regulator and retrograde in traditional Swiss consciousness. Traditional 60-minute hand sits at 12 o’clock and tracks the movement of the half-month board hour index. The constant second indicates that the moving turbine roller through the 9 o’clock is supplied, and 65 hours of power reserves are displayed through the conventional scan index at 2:30.

When the fluorescent fluid fills the entire 12-hour span of the display and reaches the six o’clock mark, the effect of “jumping” in Hy H1. At this time, the green liquid quickly returns 360 degrees to its origin on another side of the six index; the overall calibration of the hourly track will be clear, the green liquid will begin to track the progress of the next 12 hours.

49 mM Titanium Hyt H1 may be inspired by ancient ancient ancient times, but its size and wrist have obvious 21st century. The layered aesthetic ensures that each structural element of the case structure is completely expressed; this is a watch that celebrates the appearance and character of the raw material machine. HYT adds a rubber band through a smarter to ensure a seamless integration with the side wings of the housing; its readings are continuous flow of modern materials.

HYT’s comfortable and comfortable rubber strap with short lugs, a flattened titanium and titanium inherent brightness to produce excellent ergonomics. H1 49mm case clever and practical; HYT achieves a wrist that is suitable for 5.5 on the circumference. Fake Cheap watches

In addition, Hyt H1 is a real watch designed to enjoy confidence and comfort. It is in line with the excellent establishment of ergonomics, but the practicality of H1 comes from its spiral, 100 meters (330 feet) water resistance and impact movement. HYT H1 is similar to the prototype of the concept watch or the Basel world, which is designed to endure the true boss on the wrist: This is a serious sports watch.

Although its revolutionary revolutionary is revolutionary, manual storm Hyt Calibre 101 uses the best tradition of mechanical Switzerland. Jean-Francois Mojhon cooperation design with Boutique Sports expert timer, CAL. 101 Using the expected Cotes de Geneve stripes, mirror quality angglage and fine Geneva delegate watch tight substrates. Similarly, the assembly of the training brushed gear and 28,800 VPH escapement showed the meticulousness of the details.

However, the hydraulic system is highlight, copy HYT remains visible in its skeleton dial and the center of the movement. The mechanism required to require the concept of concept to the market represents one of the few real breakthroughs in the past two decades.