IWC Replica watch

Finally, it is no longer a cheap men watch that a few people dare to wear!

For a lot of loyalty of many IWC , the pilot watch is always a dream, but large pilots are more like “supply on the altar”, or only envy the foreigners.

But this year, everything has changed.

As a pilot year of IWC, the biggest change this year is that the large pilot series of watches actually change “small”.

Before you want to move, look at the rabbit.

At the “Watches & Wonders” advanced watch exhibition, IWC Table is still exhausted – the exhibition hall settings have no more colorful but there is always visual impact.

This year’s heavy product large pilot series also brings a new-diameter from 46 mm to 43 mm, and the seemingly varied is so weak.

Large pilot replica watch 43, black noodle new

Once readers said that he was “the father sent to the son” “The father of the father was given to the son.” He finally found the chance to achieve the dream. After all, the boys were very easy to be “soaring sky” Attracted, not a western jacket, sitting …

So this 3 mm, let the people who have “love but deeply desperate” have the impulse of the dream.

Speaking of the history of “big flying”, prototype from a military observatory in the 1940s, and its onion head crown is very eye-catching, and it is also easy to read the cockpit meter style – the dial is clear.

This is the prototype observation form in history.

In 2002, the emergence of “5002 large pilot watch” marked with this series of facilities. IWC fake Creative Director Christian Knoop said that he was attracted by a purely designed.

One of the largest features of large pilot watches is the conical octopus-in onion table, that year, these tables are really provided to the pilot, in order to facilitate their wear gloves, the crown is very large.

In addition, the straps and clear-read open dials of the four rivets are also characteristic. These design features accumulate, but also make the identity of large pilot watches greatly improve.

It is equipped with IWC Table 82100 self-made movements, with Braleton automatic upper chain system, blue plate is also 68,700 yuan

Creative director’s blunt, it is indeed hope that more people can wear, but 43 mm is not a head to determine, in fact, IWC will also test 42 and 44 mm, and finally find this ideal table today. Shell proportion.

In line with the trend, the strap is easier to replace, but also provide a variety of options. It is worth noting that the first time in the large pilot series has appeared in the series – and considering the comfort and overall style, the IWC will eventually choose the design of five links.

The combination of these changes allows us to create more ways.

The brand creative director also hopes to return to the extreme pure style of the 1940s, so the three-needle freight – take the date window and power reserves.