Causes of Cartier lasting success

The eternal call for the brand has more than the hug changes.

Cartier replica does not need to introduce, 1847 famous Maison in Paris is so iconic, it allows it to sign phone card, its red box, do everything. Whether you receive a engagement ring, a watch, or something in it, it will look at the box, it ends. You have already officially arrived.

During the watch and miracle, we have the opportunity to sit down to sit down in Alid Carres, Cartier Director Director. It should be a 15-minute chat, transforming into a luxury and Joie de Vivre an hourly master, where Cartier is embodied.

For this writer, we have five key takeaways with Mr. Carres’s insight.

If you have taught us last year, adaptation is the key to any species or company survival. Before locked, there are a lot of devastating and frustrating luxury watch industry. Fortunately, the global health status of the watch industry is relatively diseased.

Carrez explained Cartier’s method for last year, “this is challenging, but [still a] is exciting for us. A year ago, we didn’t know where we were. We are very good, do plan, plan B, plan C, and make many adjustments to adapt to yourself. But look at our present position, I think Cartier has strengthened its position last year. “

Like many brands, June 20th is quiet, but Carrez comments say: “From July last year, we can see acceleration, and last months have been positive. So, despite these challenges Time, I am very happy with our results. It shows that the overall strategy of developing and implementing a few years ago is the right strategy. “

As you can see through the entire social media, Cartier cheap has doubled on its figures. Since people have not experienced, travel or spend money, the perfect intersection of digital income is met to meet this recalibration. Plus online and social media accesses increased, Cartier seems to have a successful navigation of this new reality.

Carrez explained: “This is true! We have been embrace all digital means, and many projects are going on, such as our customer-centric digital conversion. But COVID has accelerated these digital transformations. Now we have seen three numbers growth with e-commerce last year. Our boutique despite only on the appointment, “

But Carrez did not stop, because Carrez added, “Things are changing very fast. This is a good thing to adapt to your customers. Spend the time to find, search and more knowledgeable brand and products. So It is very good. This is also positive for [Wandonista]. “

In the watch and miracles for 2021, Cartier released a rich new model, including the re-introduction of the tank, and the frightened high-joked treasure update, the amazing jewelry, and it is amazing. High-jewel baby, etc. Seeing that these classical shapes refresh are one of my highlights of virtual fairness.

But CARREZ has a favorite in the release of 2021? “[It] is difficult to say, because we have so many Novelties, you can see from the product lineup. In general, tank collection is my favorite. First, because I will say tank collection is a classic classic classic Reference, in elegant, as well as the complexity of the world. I think it also reflects our permanent pursuit of different shapes. For precise proportions, “Carrez has increased for pure lines.