Breitling new Super Chronomat 44 B01

New watch release: Breitling releases new Super Chronomat 44 B01 and four-year calendar

There is a new chronograph in town

Today, Breitling has released a new and larger brother for its popular Chronomat. The new Super Chronomat is the boldest and even the most ambitious product in the Swiss brand sports chronograph series. Breitling stated that “Super Chronomat” is “the ultimate choice for those who want a timepiece to strike a balance between robustness and fashion.” In addition to the marketing situation, I tend to agree, because my initial impression is that they look very sturdy and they are quite stylish to boot. Of course, I hope Breitling can bring you more fun-just look at the amazing “four-year calendar” model!

The Frecce Tricolori watch created by Breitling for the popular figures of the Italian Air Force aerobatic fleet in 1983 provided inspiration for Super Chronomat. The Frecce Tricolori Chronomat itself is not a classic small number, and Ben bought it when it was first released last year. The waist circumference was reduced from 44mm to 42mm, and the 2018 Chronomat restarted. Breitling can now relaunch the 44m case to complement the 42mm case.

Count up or down
Like the original Chronomat, Breitling also retained the iconic driver label on the base point of the unidirectional bezel. Therefore, they have the added benefit of helping to protect large sapphire crystals from harm. But, of course, the outer and inner surfaces are coated with antireflection coatings, and any help to protect the Super Chronomat crystal from scratches is welcome. The wearer can also switch the 15 and 45 marks up to change the bezel function from counting up to counting down. It’s a subtle touch. I always say: “It’s better to have something you don’t use than not to have it.” wholesale watches

Chronomat’s big brother
As the name suggests, Breitling Chronomat B01 44 is the next size of its smaller 42mm brother. The 44mm case adds a little extra weight to those who like the physical feel of the watch’s ruggedness. B01 44 has three main “flavors”. Two of them are made of stainless steel, and you can choose a blue or black dial/bezel combination. The third is a rich chocolate brown dial/bezel combination and an 18kt rose gold case. All bezels use ceramic inserts-first on Chronomat. All models have a contrasting silver chronograph, powered by the COSC-certified Breitling Calibre 01, which provides a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. In order to surpass its ubiquitous personality, Super Chronomat is waterproof to 200 meters.

For those who want something unusual, there is a black Chronomat black dial version with a UTC module embedded in its Rouleaux bracelet. This provides a way to track additional time zones in reference to Universal Time, and is a quirky feature of Breitling, with a history dating back to the 1980s. It could be considered a clumsy watch, but it adds some weight, but it looks worth it.

Lulo Rubber
Breitling cheap provides the wearer with two strap options of Super Chronomat. For the bracelet lovers among us, the classic Rouleaux bracelet, or want a more avant-garde and sporty look, we have launched a new Rouleaux inspired rubber strap, available in blue, black or brown, with a butterfly buckle. I have only seen these images so far, but the strap looks great. On paper, I don’t like the sound of a bracelet strap, but the design team seems to have done it very easily.

Chronomat’s new rubber strap is manufactured using the most advanced injection molding technology. Three different textures give it significant depth without stickiness. I wear many watches on rubber straps, so I hope to see it one day. So far, the blue dial/bezel on the blue rubber may be my recommendation!

Complex Chronomat
Breitling believes that it is not satisfied with the life and soul of the Super Chronograph Party B01 44. Therefore, it also launched a complex version of the annual calendar called Super Chronomat 44 four-year calendar. It may not be the most attractive name, but it is straightforward! The annual calendar date of the four-year calendar is complicated and only needs to be adjusted once per leap year. That is once every 1461 days.

There are two versions of this small number. The first is a black dial with a timbre chronograph, a stainless steel bezel with a black ceramic bezel and 18tk rose gold elements. Another option? This attractive blue dial is equipped with a tonal chronograph and 18kt rose gold bezel with blue ceramic lining. The Breitling 19 movement powers this timepiece. Chronograph movement with COSC certification, with semi-permanent calendar with moon phase indicator.

Overall, Super Chronomat is an excellent addition to the stable version of Chronomat. Breitling has produced a supercharged multifunctional sports watch that is elegant enough at night.



44 mm
Dial Colour :Blue

Type : Self-Winding


100 m


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