Richard Mille Bonbon

Richard Mille Bonbon series hands-on RM 07-03 cupcakes, RM 07-03 marshmallows and RM 16-01 Fraise watches

It may sound creepy, but sometimes I still wish I was like a fly on a flying wall. For example, when the idea for the Richard Mille Bonbon series was first proposed and displayed at the brand’s headquarters, or when other SIHH exhibiting brands saw Richard Mille’s swan song at the last SIHH this year. In other words, Richard Mille RM 07-03 cupcakes, Richard Mille RM 07-03 marshmallows and Richard Mille RM 16 -01 Fraise is essentially destined to be programmed, perhaps programmed to make people feel uneasy-although I believe we all agree that for the watch industry, brazen creativity is bound to be the ultimate goal.

I do not know. Maybe you think you did it, but in fact, you can’t be sure. I mean, I still don’t know if the Bonbon series is a practical (and expensive joke), or if it is a real product made after careful consideration of market research and an in-depth understanding of a dedicated customer base. . A practical joke might be jokingly told, especially because Richard Mille is one of the few brands that might actually make such a bold move. Just look at the random “SWISS MADE” text in places where no one asked or on the crown of a real cupcake.

Or just take a look at this diabetes-inducing dial, which has the names of lollipops and other types of candies that I don’t even know. They are all handmade and placed on a carefully processed high-tech titanium movement. In the luxury fake watch industry, there is almost no way of even describing the production-let alone the actual production. For the record, Richard Mille has always relied on the expertise of Manufacture Vaucher to produce less complex automatic movements, and APR&P to produce complex movements. Those clumsy hands have polarized the children’s dreams of diet and super high-end watchmaking. Such clumsy hands are so large and exquisite, they have the opportunity to spend a long time in their long lives. night of.

Richard Mille has carefully studied the ultra-high-end luxury accessories market, its current trends and best-selling products, and sincerely hope that the established customer base? Maybe all it has to do is to design a fashionable, colorful and cheerful watch to fully meet their needs? Ariel said the best, when he referred to them as jewelry projects in our hands-on video, just as we saw the Richard Mille Bonbon collection at SIHH 2019.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that in general, luxury jewelry will not only be passed because of this fun and creativity, but also in general. In contrast, according to some people, the creativity of watchmaking should be limited to the difference in the shape of the dial in a manual-winding chronograph movement…maybe the red chronograph second hand is acceptable.

This lays the foundation for an environment that is usually hostile and extremely picky about what can be said to be weird and unusual explosives of creativity. Therefore, over the years, we have seen hot-selling brands be severely criticized by people who have such insistent, stale, and more traditional tastes. Some long-established brands and fast-growing top brands have been motivated by their success. They have launched more and more bold new replica watches uk, and they think their brands are strong enough. Franck Muller and Audemars Piguet immediately thought of different versions of their mistakes and spent a lot of time on it. The difference between them and Richard Mille is that the Richard Mille brand is clearly sturdy enough to adopt such a brazen design on its core design-although it is worth noting that RM has completely freed the famous RM-11 This adventure.

Just look at where the world’s leading high-end fashion houses buy women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, and you will find that basically no established ultra-high-end watch brand can provide products that can even be easily integrated into the world. The fashion company decided to adopt bold proportions and crazy colors and have an immediate impact on a global scale.

Given the actual pain of lack of fashionable women’s watches, I can hardly imagine that these parts spend too long on the shelf. As far as women’s watches are concerned, no well-known brand can achieve such an absurd level of creativity. Today, Cartier and Bulgari have played too many roles within their own DNA, while Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre are limited to combining clean craftsmanship and vagueness. The combination of emotional inspiration is mostly tacky things, such as fish in the sea, or northern lights. Fashion-conscious people all over the world can’t adapt them to the daily rotation of expensive clothes. Therefore, these watches, with very few exceptions, can only truly meet the requirements of watchmaking, and cannot have sufficient external influence. Sad, but true. Richard Mille walked all the way, walked through walls, and introduced his colleagues to what they obviously wanted/needed lately.

The fake Richard Mille Bonbon series actually contains 10 different references, divided into four parts in the “sweets” and six parts in the “fruit” row. Each reference is limited to 30 pieces, so a total of 300 Bonbon Collection watches will be produced. In this hands-on article, we sampled three pieces: Richard Mille RM 07-03 cupcakes, Richard Mille RM 07-03 marshmallows and Richard Mille RM 16-01 Fraise, the latter is essentially a male model of these three . To me, any name or collection has no meaning. My favorite bunch of RM 16-01 Fraise (the blocky and colorful thing on it) is named Strawberry, so it belongs to the Fruits series, and there are basically only candies and fruit-shaped candies on it.

These are Richard Mille (Richard Mille) watches, they are of course full of high-tech and highly refined details. The colorless, variable-thickness carbon TPT layer constitutes the two-tone case of the Fruits series, and TZP Ceramic is used to create the creamy soft case of the Sweets series. To make the dial, a total of 3,000 hand-painted and hand-painted miniature sculptures were made, and a new “sugar-coated” effect was developed using powdered enamel and fine sand in an hourglass-obviously. It is an old-school craft in Carbon TPT.

So, why do we want watch lovers to care about this series of expensive candy watches? Because they remind us of high-end watches and exquisite handicrafts, not only need to be used to make derivative watches, I doubt it can be passed, but these will not. But what tells me that this small workshop consisting of 3,000 colorful dial components has met this challenge during the working day in the field, instead of painting the round dial with tacky and tacky enamel images. Just guessing.

To answer the original question, I think the solution is to combine the Richard Mille Bonbon Collection: this is a practical joke prepared after careful measurement of the customers who have established and tested the fake richard mille Black Centurion. Swipe to be a part of such elaborate jokes. The ostentatious power of Richard Mille’s name makes its horological entertainment performances of unparalleled execution quality. Please give me a reason why it doesn’t work.