Ulysse Nardin diver X skeleton

Ulysse Nardin is making a wave with their new diver X skeleton and unidentified flyer clock The brand continues its “vertical Odyssey”, which caused its diver X skeleton watches and futuristic sea clocks, ufo.

In the watch and miracle 2021, Ulysse Nardin selection in the form of vertical Odyssey. Three new releases in the form of ocean depth, sea surface, sea surface and globe.

We have already seen the integrated part of Odyssey, that is, “sound obstacles” explosion hour forward repeater, internal automatic eye-catching and invisible aircraft inspiration cases.

It is time to discover the Asian sea and sea surface elements of vertical rows.

Introduction diver X skeleton
The three partial travel starts underwater from the new diver X skeleton, which makes the submersible tool watch credentials combine the transparent shape of the diver X series of rock X series.

This is a bold fragment, especially due to its 44 mm steel shell – water to 200 meters, and with blue PVD and concave treatment, a single-way baffle, a screen with blue carbon.

In addition, visible fibers of the tip carbon composite baffle perform vision capture background for its orange and white markers. In orange is also a crown of protective rubber inserts.

In the dial side, the display is a transparent dial-up display UN-371 movement. It is basically the same movement in other skeleton X models, but it is upgraded.

Here, replica Ulysse Nardin Construction Team has been re-processed, including automatic windings and vibration weight towards the shape of the X-shaped bridge. This new building has left enough space to observe gears, blue carbon barrels and silicon balance and escape wheels.

However, it is through the back of the watch, you can see large X-shaped oscillation weight movement, which is similar to a pair of ocean anchors, responding to the brand’s logo.

According to best Ulysse Nardin, brand ambassador and Belgian Free Photographer Freed Buyle has put his professional thumb in a diving x skeleton and will wear in the next bold drop.

There is a sports orange or blue rubber strap, which is the 175th anniversary of the brand, and celebrate this year.

In order to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the brand, as the rich legacy of the ocean Chronometer manufacturer, Ulysse Nardin also introduced the avant-garde clock, which constitutes the sea seas part of the vertical Odyssey.

Ulysse Nardin CEO Patrick Pruniaux explains the ideological process behind the creation, saying: “Restarting past observations by reuse retro code, this is not part of our anniversary of the object to create a intention of the object. We hope to lag behind the leap in 175, and I want to know what the ocean timer design in 2196 is. ” chronowrist.ru

Combine its name
Unexpected floating objects, UFO clock is true because it not only looks like a buoy floating on the sea, but it even manifests like one. Its hemispherical, blue aluminum base is equipped with tungsten blocks, allowing 7.2kg clock to swing back from the desktop or desktop without continuation.

In the 3 mm thick hand, glass Bell is an exciting movement provided by high-end clock experts L’Epée1839, which is three times the time zone display and death seconds.

At the top of the mechanical tower, huge 49mm balance beat super slow, take two seconds to make a oscillation.

Exercise is not just a happiness; low 0.5Hz frequency is six – Years, six barrels, six barrels provide a year’s power reserves for the whole year. replica swiss watches online