Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler A Black

Chopard L.U.C Watch Replica Review L.U.C Time Traveler One Black 168574-3008

Technical Specifications




Diameter 42 mm

50 m


Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Second Time Zone


Pin Buckle


Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler A Black

Chopard L.U.C Time Traveler A black adheres to Maison’s reputation for prohibiting compromise, however, its appearance is definitely contemporary. This exquisite watch is sitting in an elegant, low-key ceramic titanium tank, which can prove the ideal schedule of the fashion ring.

Chopard manufacturing – 25 years of internal expertise

In the 1990s, the Swiss watch industry still licking its wound after the so-called “quartz crisis”. However, Chopard, a family owned business, bravely embarking into a manufacturing, making its own watch actions internally.

Take a decision to become a manufacturing, a house in Fleurier, which is acquired by cheap Chopard, is a beautifully known area. Interestingly, Fleurier is about 45 kilometers from Sonvilier, and Louis-Ulysse Chopard has established his workshop company in 1860.

In order to create manufacturing, Chopard must put a big capital. Many brands will be shy away from such careers, however, as historical shows that Swiss companies have never lack courage. In 1996, Chopard announced its ready-made exercise, “l.u.c.c 1.96” (now known as L.U.C Calibre 96.01-L).

Some companies may be tempting “playing safety”, producing direct sports, however, this method is an alien to Chopard. In fact, as the brand has repeatedly displayed, it avoids mediocrity. Conversely, the ambition is a clear full-general characteristic of the entire business.

L.u.c 1.96 is an automatic winding diameter with a microphilic. This element is differentized in Wenbang from most automatic watches for the first time. Although some other brands are provided by the watch give miniature rotor, they are very few. The technical challenge of creating enough energy to tension is frustrating is the wish of many watch brands, not Chopard.

The microphil is located in a circular groove in the motion, which is flat to the adjacent bridge. By using this method, the movement is particularly thin. In fact, replica L.U.C 1.96 thickness is only 33mm. In addition, by using a microphilic, a lofty view of a beautiful bridge is designed.

Two stacked buckets provide a 65-hour look, the balance is characterized by the vessel regulator and moving motion drilling, which is not only present, but also presents. The accuracy of sports is exceeded, which is the fact that COSC independent certification. Finally, the rules of L.U.c 1.96 are examples, and there is a lot of evidence of Côtesdegenèvemotif, Perlage, and sparkling slopes.

In 1997, L.U.c.c 1.96 is named “L.U.c.c 1860” in Louis-Ulysse Chopard and his company’s first L.U.code model. With the emergence of this watch, Swiss Mart shows it to compete in the upper echelon of advanced Horlogerie.

In the past 25 years, Chopard manufactures produces a series of internal sports, including hands, chronograph, permanent calendar, GMT, Tuenhenewheel and flight gyro. In fact, Maison even produced grand complications and is the ultimate performance of the time.

During 2021, due to Chopard celebrates the 25th birthday of Manufacturing, it will inevitably launch some new watches. Recently, I have gained an opportunity to watch one of the new stranges before launch, and wear it within a few days, and assess it in close distance. Chopard L.U.c Time Traveler One Black is based on time travelers launched in 2016, but increased the dose of modernity.

Chopard L.U.c’s dial is a black, because its name means, black, however, carefully checks this top luxury replica watches Vista rich in countless tones and details. Some elements of dial-up combinations are familiar, while others are pleasing to a new.

Dauphine-Fusée Hours and minute hands will be familiar with most Chopard L.U.c.c products. These hands are used to indicate “local time” and are in super sublimation, and the auxiliary light is readable. The gray hour track is marked with arabic digital and tear indicators, and decorated with a series of concentric circles.

A slim circle is sitting in the hourly track and is marked with a date value. A truncated hand with a highlighted triangular pointer pointing to the main date. Indicates that it is underestimated and clear, and the two features are rarely mentioned in the same sentence. The central area of ​​the dial has a vertical brush.

Beyond the hour orbit is a two-color GMT disc. 0630 – 1830 hours of time Press gray background, while the black portion of the GMT disc is shown in 1830 hours – 0630 hours. cheap swiss watches

A city disc, a name labeled 24 important places in the world, occupying the surrounding of the dial. The Crown in 4 o’clock allows wearer to rotate the city dish. When the city discs of the local time are set to 12 o’clock position, the wearer can determine the main time of all 24 locations at the same time.

Although GMT or dual-time watch shows local and home time, there are many wearer’s requirements, but some people need simultaneous patching multiple time zones.

Central scanning quick-standing function inventory. Although the dial shows a lot of information, its layout, monochrome tone and different textures provide elegance, harmony, and very understandable show.