Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”

Urwerk UR-100 is the most wearable watch of the independent brand to date, and it now has a striking blue hue.

Urwerk occupies a unique place in modern independent watchmaking and is one of its true symbols. With the help of UR-100 “Blue Planet”, it can display the distance of the earth’s rotation around its axis and the distance it travels along the orbit, so that Urwerk continues the tradition of reshaping the past from the present, providing a new kind of watch-wearing Time experience. The UR-100 “Blue Planet” is limited to 25 pieces. Once it disappears, it disappears forever.

At the beginning of the watch renaissance in the late 1990s, Urwerk was one of the most important new brands. At that time, mechanical timepieces finally became popular in the post-quartz crisis era, and many companies not only began to celebrate traditions, but also tried innovations they had never seen before.

Among the many new brands created during that period, some have become history, and some have adopted more mainstream methods, but for many years, Urwerk replica has been adhering to its original vision of visualizing time in an unusual way to experience time. . Its trade stock is creative in terms of lingering time and complexity, but it is also technologically developing in a new direction. In recent years, it has provided us with AMC, which is a watch mechanically controlled by an atomic clock, and an EMC clock to monitor its own mechanical accuracy. Urwerk also collaborates with watchmakers such as Laurent Ferrier (made for Arpal One, produced for Only Watch 2017).

Urwerk also introduces alternatives for the complications of wandering hours, such as the CC-1 Cobra with linear time display. However, the UR-100 has returned to classic proportions, and from a design point of view, it is very suitable for complexity. Complexity is not only new to Urwerk, it is also new to watchmaking. It was inspired by the clock of Urwerk’s Geneva office, which was completed in 1893 and was exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair. The clock shows how far the earth rotates around the equator in a day.

UR-100 displays two unusual pieces of information: the distance the earth rotates on the equator, and the distance the earth moves along its orbit. These two distances are displayed on the upper left and upper right sectors of the dial. On the left, in 20-minute intervals, the earth will rotate 555 kilometers at the equator; the displayed range per hour is 0 to 555 kilometers, because the tip of the red hand crosses the arc at the end of each hour of the aircraft carrier. Similarly, on the right, the distance from 0 to 35,740 kilometers is shown, which is the process of the earth moving along its orbit at 20-minute intervals.

This watch adds a new look to Urwerk’s watchmaking industry, and also adds a fresh and poetic side to the time experience. By making an aspect of the passage of time that we usually don’t know about, UR-100 expands the design vocabulary of Urwerk and watches more broadly.

Model: Urwerk UR-100V “Blue Planet”
Functions: Hours, minutes; wandering hours with indication of distance of the Earth’s rotation at the equator, and of the Earth’s passage along its solar orbit
Material: Titanium and stainless steel with a blue PVD finish
Dimensions: 41mm width; 49.7mm length; 14mm thickness
Caseback: blue PVD-coated titanium with sapphire crystal
Dial: Orbital satellite hours turning on Geneva crosses; open-worked aluminum carousel
Lume: Yes, Super-LumiNova
Caliber: UR 12.01, self-winding, with low-profile turbine minimizing over-winding
Power Reserve: 48 hours
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Bracelet/Strap: Blue canvas strap
Lug Width: 18mm
Manufactured: Switzerland