Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days King Gold Jewellery Watch

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days King Gold Jewellery is a sense of attack, which is inevitable. This name is really ready for you. However, the HUB9011 is located under the outside of the diamond, which is a fascinating movement, directly from the Skunk works inside the Hublot.

Before you start, I can only say that after all of these things, I have missed the opportunity to shoot such a charming and novel watch. These unconventional creations play an important role in the process of becoming a timepiece, I know that many other people are. Even if only half an hour or so, I can also see and experience these creations on the metal. I hope to use this as an excuse to prove my privilege. This shooting method conveys all those who have been exposed on my face. Smiley elements see them in trade exhibitions and events.

This watch has 336 hours of power storage: This is not the specification you often see. The power reserve of these two weeks is required to require seven series of hair strips, which are flipped and increased from flat size, which is we used to seeing most other mechanical movements. The corresponding thickness is still shocking … normal. The size of Hublot Big Bang MP-11 is only 10.92 mm from the bottom cover to a special shape, and its shell thickness is comparable to the classics in history (although the complexity is much lower).

Interestingly, in terms of pure digital games, MP-11 is actually not so complicated. It contains 270 components, and only one additional indication is provided after hours and minutes: the power reserve display. Bolts are fixed in the end of seven barrels of chimneys, which is to let you know when to start finger workout ‘- because you will need to reserve the 14 days of reserves through the crown. Fast browse the bottom cover and find no automatic upper chain mechanism. Really, this is not surprising, because a huge automatic string rotor is needed to resist such a strong torque. I remember that Hublot provides a special upper chain tool, such as an electric screwdriver, which can be inserted into the crown and implements a relaxed, stable upper chain of HUB9011.

The incredible power from these must leave the vertical direction of the hairper and enter the remaining cores, which are disposed in the conventional horizontal plane. Hublot explained: “The transmission system that is rarely used by the box will be inclined on the vertical plane: 90 degrees of gear worm gear.” luxury watches for sale

Another unique feature of this innovative movement is to move the balance to the dial side to form a symmetrical relationship with the heteroscope. The silicon escapement drives the balance to its 4 Hz frequency and has a beautiful (patented) independent assembly system integrated with Hublot “H”.

When you are watching, you will really appreciate the blank page project of Hublot Big Bang MP-11. Simply view all of these different tooth shapes, spokes, tooth bridges, and materials. In Cartier, Girard-Perregaux, Harry Winston, etc., and many other brands who have occupied a high-end watch industry ten years ago, The space of the dish has a refreshing and admirable. It is a wheel engage, bridge overlap, and all evergreen components of the three-dimensional-high-end table industry.

As the name suggests, Hublot Big Bang MP-11 power storage 14 days Wang Jinji once again injected 222 diamonds, of which 172 diamonds were handked in 18K gold medals, which is the Hong Kong alloy of Hubei. Another 50 rectangular cut diamond is inserted into the lap (of course, it is manually inserted). The channel setting is a bit like invisible settings, in which diamonds are placed directly adjacent to each other, while gold is from above and below. I have said this before, but I will say it again: Hublot’s small but powerful internal diamond inlaid studio is the best studio in the industry.

The size of the 45 mm case is as long as the normal length of the Hublot Big Bang case. Although you might wear 44 mm LUMINOR or 45 mm Radiomir, Big Bang has an integrated table ear, an ONE CLICK fast belt release system and an elliptical rubber belt that makes it a long-term durable case. However, please don’t worry – with all the golden light, no one will notice that the lugs extends beyond the edge of the wrist.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days King Gold Jewellery is a watch wear experience.