What reaction will I get when I wear HM7?

I received interesting responses from collectors and friends. Many people regard it as a statement of personality, although I did not disagree, but I think everyone can appreciate the depth and beauty of this replica watch. Some watch collectors immediately knew what this watch was and had a strong response to it. Collectors often say that they like this watch, but because of its size, they cannot wear it. Friends commented that it is very different from other watches. They want to know how to use time to tell the time and understand the story behind the watch. I like to tell the inspiration story of this watch. Most of the time, I wear watches for myself, but it feels like a watch that makes me an ambassador for watch lovers and novices, and shares why watches are so special and beautiful.

How about the rest of your collection, and will it expand with other watches?

As for the future, copy MB&F has more watches that I am interested in. I like the idea of ​​adding Legacy Machine to my collection. I often think of the traditional machine No. 1, which was created for very practical purposes. It can distinguish the time in two different time zones, one of which includes half-hour shifts. I also like Legacy Machine Perpetual. Stephen McDonell (Stephen McDonell) designed an ingenious movement that can prevent damage to the watch and does not require the use of a stylus to set any functions of the watch. The completely hollow movement feels that the machine is still alive on the wrist. I personally like it very much. The combination of LM Perpetual YG gold and blue chassis is my favorite among current products.

I’m still happy to add CarbonMacrolon’s Horological Machine No. 5 (horological machinery) to my collection-this watch feels fast, and I like the time-hopping type of this watch. It feels like a very special watch to wear. It makes me feel very intuitive. After spending a lot of time using HM7, I can read the time by turning my wrist a little bit.

Can you share some tips from your experience in collecting MB&F with other collectors who are considering using this brand?

As for adding such watches to your collection, I sincerely recommend that you consider the type of collection you want to own. For collectors who are accustomed to using traditional watches, it is difficult to determine where to start from companies like best MB&F-usually these watches seem too “useless”. When I started the collection journey, that was definitely where I found myself. I suggest that any collector consider their current collection and see if they wish to fill a specific gap in their collection. Are you looking for a more traditional watch? Perfect, consider the traditional machine series. Do you want to branch and become a little crazy? excellent. Dive into the world of clock machines and don’t look back. To me, these watches are great.

And, do you have any suggestions for other collectors (quasi)?

This question is always difficult to answer. The reason is that you need to start collecting watches before you can begin to determine and distinguish the taste of the watch. I think everyone should start with works they absolutely love. If the work does not speak to you emotionally, it will never become an important part of your collection. The collection has nothing to do with others and their tastes, but with your tastes and watches, which will make you happy. However, the problem is that once the watch you wear is not as normal as the HM7 Aquapod, it is difficult to return to the traditional watch, they will only make you feel bored and flat. Adding HM7 to my collection really opened my eyes to other non-traditional shape brands (such as Urwerk, Greubel Forsey and DeBethune) and the design philosophy and brand spirit of MB&F.

I will tell anyone who is starting a collection journey or is stuck in a collection journey, just buy what you like. Don’t chase the holy grail of others. Instead, think often and deeply about the type of series you want to create and pursue these watches. Read everything you can use, watch every YouTube video, and try to use them if you have the opportunity. Continue to absorb knowledge and pursue your perfect collection.