Jacob & Co astronomical watch

This year, Jacob & Co.-the master of fine jewelry and timepieces-once again introduced a series of surprises and delights from complex tourbillons to stunning emerald cuisine. Last year, the brand released its Astronomia watch-you can read about it here. This year, there are several new forms of interpretation, and their formats have been updated, bringing the earth and the moon to new heights.

The brand new Astronomia watch has been reconfigured to use a larger, more open domed sapphire crystal, which can view the sun, moon and tourbillon through multiple axes. The latest work: Astronomical Baguette and Tanglin. Both are powered by the JCEM01 movement and have an orbit display, thanks to four independent satellites, which perform a complete cycle around the dial every 20 minutes. The moon was created using a 288-faceted spherical diamond that reflects incident light in multiple directions during the entire 60-second rotation around an independent axis. The hand-printed titanium globe also rotates every 60 seconds. The tourbillon moves around the turntable with other objects every twenty minutes, and the fourth hand shows the hours and minutes.

The unique JCEM01 movement is equipped with a Phillips curve balance spring and a motor barrel. Its titanium structure breaks through the limitations of the lightweight watchmaking industry. This buy luxury watch is housed in a 50 mm case and the entire surface is covered with diamonds.

In the field of diamonds and gemstones, Jacob Arabo, the founder of luxury Jacob & Co., has never let us down. This year’s main watches include billionaires with 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds and valued at $18 million. Teamed up with Flavio Briatore and his company Billionaire Lifestyle to create a unique watch. The incredible 260 carat diamonds consist of GIA-certified individual diamonds, each with a maximum of 3 carats-inverted pyramid-shaped beads. The time is depicted by the skeletonized JCAM09 movement with tourbillon escapement.