Hands on: Greubel Forsey GMT Sport

Both visually and mechanically are great.

Even in the scarce field of haute horology, Greubel Forsey luxury has pushed the watchmaking industry to a level of craftsmanship that no one else can match – not only in finishing, but also in chronograph, continuous innovation, while establishing its own unique three-dimensional aesthetics .

Now, the brand has combined all of these into its first sports watch-GMT Sport. Functionally, it is almost the same as the existing Greenwich Mean Time. Combining the world time with the tilted tourbillon, the Greenwich Mean Time movement looks no different from other Grobel Fauci. Its movement is mainly made of titanium and has been restructured to fit the new oval case.

Despite its uniqueness, the watch has left a deep impression on many aspects, especially in terms of finishing and construction.

GMT Sport has a depth of 100m. It is a large watch with an organic shape. It has no right angles, only a few edges, and few flat surfaces. But it has the style of mechanical appearance, the lugs are fixed to the case by visible screws and protruding pushers.

The structure is complex and exquisite, and the most unusual feature is the crystal and bezel curved in multiple planes. When viewed from the top, the case looks round, but it is actually barrel-shaped, with an oval bezel that curves vertically from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. In order to adapt to the curvature of the case, the crystal is also oval and curved, further highlighting the architectural depth of the movement.

The circumference of the baffle extends slightly outward from the housing to the integrated belt. Therefore, the watch looks much larger than the one worn. The bezel is 45 mm wide and the table width is only 42 mm.

The height of the entire best fake watch is 15.7 mm, which is still large by any standard, but the titanium case and movement mean that its weight is much smaller than its appearance. This is contrary to the touch of the usual Greubel Forsey watch, which is large and bulky, which is both large and light.

In fact, the entire watch, including the strap and buckle, weighs only 115 grams (about 4 ounces), which is half the weight of the average Greubel Forsey in a precious metal case.

Although it is entirely titanium, the case is actually in two colors: the case, back and lugs are all made of natural titanium alloy, and the middle of the case is made of black-coated titanium alloy. The result is somewhat reminiscent of the case of Richard Mille and Hublot, which relied on a similar two-color sandwich structure.

Two buttons are engraved to indicate their functions: the “GMT” button selects the second time zone, and the second button synchronizes the local time with the globe

Every element of the case has been carefully designed and completed. The surface of the lug is, for example, a brushed upper surface with chamfered edges, and the surface surrounds a frosted groove.

The individual baffles are impressively decorated with a variety of different finishing techniques. Its outer bevel is engraved with an embossed micro-engraved image of the brand’s concept. Greubel Forsey watches often use this element, and the side of the case often uses this element. What is impressive is that the micro-engraving makes all the text on the border unnecessary and slightly extends beyond the top.

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) new movement
Although the movement has basically the same functions as the first GMT watch, it has been remanufactured from scratch to fit the new oval-shaped curved case.

This wholesale watch is a world timer because the globe works with the city dial on the back and has a second time zone indicator at 10 o’clock. But the core of the dial is a three-dimensional globe at eight o’clock. The globe rotates counterclockwise every 24 hours and moves in the direction of the earth’s rotation. Only the globe fixed on its base can visually see the time around the world through the 24-hour sapphire ring on its edge.

Although geographic knowledge is required, with rings, time can be estimated around the world. In addition, it can also double as a day and night indicator, dividing the 24-hour ring into two halves, with the darker part representing the night and the brighter part representing the day.

The 24-hour globe is combined with another major invention of Greubel Forsey-a 25° inclined tourbillon that can move quickly, spins once every 24 seconds, and uses a lightweight cage. Although mechanically the same as the tilting tourbillon of the earlier model, the style implementation here has been adjusted to match the design of the watch. Therefore, the tourbillon is held in place by a black polished steel bridge, forming a soft “V” shape, but with a concave center and a matte black coating on the surface.

Although this kind of exotic tourbillon has more visual purposes, the principle behind the tilted tourbillon and all brand tourbillons is its keen interest in improving accuracy. In fact, improving the use of the tourbillon on the wrist compared to static pocket watches or clocks is one of the basic driving forces of the brand.

In contrast to the vertical or dual-axis tourbillon, the tilted tourbillon allows the use of a fairly large balance wheel without the need for an unreasonably thick case.

According to fake Greubel Forsey, tilting it from the horizontal prevents the most extreme gravity errors of the balance wheel while still averaging the errors in the second plane of the balance wheel. The result is actually close to a two-axis tourbillon, while making the height of the movement easy to control.