Brand : HYT Watch

HYT 148-DL-21-GF-RU-WD H1 Diamond dome Replica watch

Since it shined at Baselworld in 2012, Fake HYT has been a big boom in the watch industry. In the following years, the iconic “Hydromechanical Watchmaker” based on the Neuchâtel brand produced many different variables in watches. The original model HYT H1. For a long time, I have been curious about the look and feel of one of these highly personalized timepieces on the wrist, not to mention the feeling of reading the timepiece for a long time in various situations.

As usual, when the HYT H0 gold blue liquid started in the case of the watch, it was a large piece of gold on the wrist, and it was heavy. The round 2N gold case, with a diameter of 48.8 mm, titanium, has a smooth surface. It has everything from micro sandblasting to polishing to satin drawing. On top of it is a box crystal with a non-reflective coating that increases the thickness of the cuff that has been stretched to 18.7mm. The grooved crown is small, but easy to hold when you need to wind and set the time. Compared with other models such as HYT H1, HYT H2 and HYT H3, the dial design of HYT H0 is almost traditional. The latter opened the dial to show the movement’s more industrial nature, almost sci-fi elements, and the recently launched skeleton Head reference.

Its golden opaque surface is mostly solid, with numbers and indexes engraved on the dial, as well as brushed and micro-sandblasting. The largest sub-dial uses a trapezoidal hand to display the minutes, the left sub-dial overlaps the seconds display, and the other circle with a kidney-shaped hole is used to subtly display the power reserve. The outer track with additional engraved marks serves as the hour track, and the blue liquid in the borosilicate glass capillary shows the passage of time as time passes. The engraved mark is slightly subtle and easy to recognize in low light, but once you get used to this unconventional display method, the time reading becomes somewhat intuitive, especially for adjusting dial lovers like me . Which hours, minutes and seconds are displayed on a separate sub-dial.

HYT H1.0 is the best brand to use fluid time display in watches. The time is indicated by the visually imperceptible meniscus, which separates the colored liquid from the transparent liquid when the colored liquid meets in the center of an extremely thin glass capillary made by HYT’s sister company Preciflex. The minutes are indicated by the traditional minute hand mounted on the 12-hour sub-dial at 12 o’clock. In my opinion, HYT H1.0 is a powerful combination of the brand’s original HYT H1 model and the best intentions of the HYT H0 series.

The HYT H1.0 and HYT H0 collections have the same technology as the previous HYT H1-H4 collections. However, the brand’s beloved new case has a high sapphire dome, which provides an incredible three-dimensional internal mechanical view, as well as a novel position of the hour markers. What I see in HYT H1.0 now is a more robust design, which combines the cleanliness of the HYT H0 series with some of the industrial skills of the HYT H1 and HYT H2 series that you may recall.

The case is 48.8 mm wide and is mainly made of sapphire, but it is grounded on a stainless steel base and has a stainless steel crown. It stands upright on the wrist and is 20.08 mm higher. However, since there are no lugs, this is a wearable item.

The HYT “Time Is Fluid” H20 watch combines multiple functions from different HYT series. HYT H20 uses APRP’s exquisite-looking movement specially produced for the brand. The watch also uses a (unnamed) movement similar to the HYT H20 watch.

The HYT APRP manual wind speed movement operates at a speed of 3 Hz per second and has a complete power reserve of 8 days. HYT’s module makes liquid display possible. Using tall crystals, you can see a lot of movement from different angles, including the bellows that control the liquid time display. It has a width of 51mm and a thickness of 20mm.

HYT H3 happens to be an incredible composition of elements, and it works very well on the wrist. It is 41 mm high and has a maximum thickness of 16 mm. On the wrist, it is very wear-resistant, and in this version, the mixture of topcoat and titanium and strong platinum parts make it look more sexy. It uses a linear tube and an interesting retro-style hand style to indicate the minutes and the exposed balance wheel on the dial. Turn the watch over and you will find a convenient power reserve indicator on the back of the manual winding movement.

The HYT H3 manual wind speed movement operates at a speed of 3 Hz per second and has a power reserve of 170 hours. The most satisfying element of the replica HYT H3 watch is easy to adjust the time. It can be adjusted forward or backward.