Richard Mille RM 11-05

Richard Mille’s new chronograph is made of ceramic that is almost as hard as a diamond RM 11-05 is made of innovative materials called cermets.

Since the 1980s, watchmakers have been obsessed with ceramics, when Rado, who was already an expert in scratch-resistant materials, first incorporated high-tech ceramics into timepieces.

Remember that “high-tech” ceramics are completely different from the traditional ceramics used by primitive communities to shape objects (such as bricks, tiles, and clay pots), although they have some basic characteristics: all ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic solids, Has a strong molecular bond. As a result, they have excellent hardness and extremely high melting points (up to 2,000°C or more).

The avant-garde watchmaker Richard Mille once again improved the industry’s understanding of ceramics and introduced the RM 11-05 automatic anti-flying chronograph GMT. The case and bezel are made of gray cermet and ceramic-metal composite. The material is light and hard as titanium. Cermets are commonly used in aerospace, automotive and ballistic industries. Its color comes from the combination of metallic zirconium base and high-performance ceramic inserts.

Cooperate with IMI Group, which specializes in providing micro-technology solutions for luxury goods manufacturers, to improve the years required for material research and development. Thanks to the groundbreaking “rapid sintering” process, the gray cermet has a density of 4.1 g/cm3 (meaning it weighs less than titanium, 4.5 g/cm3), and a hardness of 2360 Vickers (compared to , Diamond is 2400 Vickers).

However, the complexity of this best fake watches is not deep. The skeletonized self-winding movement is made of titanium alloy and includes a flyback chronograph, with a minute and countdown counter at 9 o’clock, an hour counter at 6 o’clock, UTC function, variable geometry The rotor and the power reserve of about 55 hours.