When we talk about luxury sports watches, what do you care most about?

Bell & Ross BR 05 CHRONO BLACK STEEL BR05C-BL-ST/SRB Replica Watch

If you talk about high-end luxury sports watches, are there many watches in your mind? In recent years, this wave of sports watch wars has burned into various styles of brands, but where is the connection between “luxury” and “sports watch”? What do you care about most when talking about luxury sports watches?

Most office workers like us, working from 9 to 5, rush to the drip and subway in the morning, and after get off work, they rush to have a drink with their friends or to catch the coaching class and the gym. In fact, what they want in life is just a healthy and stable life. Frankly speaking, there are many people of our generation who can live out their own attitudes in life, but there are not many people who can take every minute of their life down to the ground, and people who like luxury sports watches. , Perhaps it was the sense of steadiness of the watch that touched him.

Sports are close to life inside and outside

A watch that can really be close to life and stays at the side of every second, luxury sports watch is likely to be the type of watch that people can’t put it down. If you look at the list of luxury sports watches in recent years, you will fall in love with the watch at a glance. There must be a lot of design styles, but it is also most confusing at a glance. It cannot be said that the design is not good. After all, the design style is quite subjective, but the adhesion between the brand new design and the brand style is a test of the designer. This is something that those who buy watches will be especially concerned.

The 42mm case shape of the new BR 05 chronograph is in one shape, continuing the brand’s simple geometric aesthetics and neat style.

Bell & Ross BR 05 CHRONO Chronograph Stainless Steel Material/Diameter 42mm/BR-CAL.301. Automatic Movement/Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Chronograph/Waterproof 100m/Black Rubber or frosted, polished steel strap

Square design with circle

Here, we must talk about this luxury sports watch, which is Bell & Ross’s BR 05 series. This series has been very impressive since its launch in 2019. We are discussing it. Before the design, what we need to know is that the watches launched by Bell & Ross in the early days were various hot-selling retro-futuristic works at the time, and the luxury sports watches we are going to discuss are actually two styles.

The works from the past to the future show that Bell & Ross, regardless of the design side or the situation of the new wave, not only can the new design maintain the same style with the brand, but its design details can touch people’s hearts, which can be said to be quite unremarkable. easy.

This watch named BR 05 series is actually the two founders of the brand. They used their new vision of rationality and sensibility, applied craftsmanship and design skills to review and reflect on the early Bell & Ross works. The point shows that BR 05 is definitely not an airborne soldier, nor is it born out of thin air.

The BR 05 series initially caused a lot of conversation with its big face that is neither square nor round, because Bell & Ross’s most memorable thing is its square design taken from the dashboard, so it has a well-known The BR 01 and BR 03 series are still a bold and avant-garde innovation with the wave of military instruments. So, how could Bell & Ross get out of the box this time?

Bell & Ross BR 05 CHRONO BLUE STEEL Chronograph Stainless Steel Material/Diameter 42mm/BR-CAL.301. Automatic Movement/Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Chronograph/ Waterproof 100m /Blue rubber or frosted, polished steel strap

As you can see, the BR 05 series transcends the square and round structure itself, and combines the rigor of a square with the fullness of a round shape, forming a unique personality. This also shows that the brand is good at playing brand new in basic geometric shapes. Creativity, this new idea does not deviate from the brand’s original design mission of aviation and military themes. In this way, consumers can easily directly connect this new watch with the brand.

It is worth mentioning that the round design in the square has become the symbol, and the one-piece case is adopted, plus the one-piece bracelet and case design (no lug design). In fact, this all depends on fine polishing technology. Only by solid sculpting in all aspects can the “luxury” aura of a high-end sports watch be presented perfectly. The surface of each watch case is treated with angular processing and satin-finished, and the polished chamfers enhance the volume of the whole watch. The hollow version, blue hollow version, and double gold version have been introduced in the design.

The new BR 05 chronograph

We finished talking about the design, let’s look at the function side! Because of course, the ambition of BR 05 is not only here. Since its launch in 2019, the basic three-hand version has been launched. This year’s ambition lies in the new finale role in 2020. This BR 05 chronograph will be presented at the end of the year. I believe this It is also the version that many people are looking forward to.