Introducing the BREMONT BROADSWORD bronze collection


If you examine the wrists of most service personnel today, you will usually find one of two watches. Whether you are the Navy, Army or Air Force, both are almost everywhere. They are Casio F-91W or some kind of G-Shock. They are designed to make almost everything you encounter in service immune. But even their biggest fans must admit that although they are classics, they do lack a certain elegance. So, if you like something with unique military influence, but don’t want to gain G’s wrist playing experience, what about Bremont Broadsword Bronze?

Implied robustness, single-minded purpose and clear design aimed at attracting on-site time are undoubtedly attractive. The reason is not difficult to understand-if the watch is sufficient for military use and can survive being shot, dunked, beaten and slammed, then it must be easy enough to hold a latte in an office. The IWC series (MWC series) can learn from many classic military watch designs in the past, and all of this comes from the RLM (Reichs-Luftfahrtministerium) standard of aviation watches or the military watch specifications of the British Ministry of Defense.

This is what Bremont calls for its new Broadsword Bronze design. As early as the beginning of 2019, Bremont launched the original Broadsword. This is a military-style watch designed for our citizens. The surface is clear and easy to read. The sturdy 40mm stainless steel case is waterproof to 100m. Like all Bremonts, it serves as a kick, but still happy to wander in the mess. Time for tea and medals.

The new bronze model has the same design, using the same 28,800bph BE-95-2AV chronograph movement (modified Sellita SW260-1) as the other models, but the function (you guessed it) is the bronze case. Given that most defense procurement activities are to minimize costs, you are unlikely to see too many military watches with bronze cases, but this is a lovely thing. Over time, the bronzer has the quality of a bronzer, losing its original luster and showing individuality. In fact, it can be done very well, as anyone who has handled new bronzes will prove it-it can pick up fingerprints as easily as picking up tape. Bremont had anticipated this and applied a temporary anti-fingerprint coating on its Broadsword Bronze watches.

However, once the coating wears out, the way the watch is worn will begin to affect the way the case changes. If you choose, you can polish it to retain its original parade bronze sheen, or you can strap Broadsword to your wrist and appreciate that it slowly dulls (in a very nice way) and blends in.

Baoming Watch offers three different dials, allowing you to choose gray, tobacco or army green. Every glance is clear, and because of the moderate luster (including the second hand of the subdial) and ideas on the hand, it is equally easy to read at night.

Although cheap Bremont has clearly used the influence of the classic release table, Broadsword is not Walty in any sense. As a durable, well-designed and fully functional watch, it is very smart and can be easily installed anywhere, so it has its own advantages.