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Excellent driver

Felipe Massa is the longest-lived sports partner of the Richard Mille family. An outstanding driver not only on the steering wheel but also in friendship. His personality, generosity and passion have followed the brand for more than 15 years. He is the fourth-ranked successful driver among Ferrari drivers and recently joined the Venturi team’s FormulaE.

’Richard told me that the spirit of watchmaking and racing is the same. When making watches at this level, there are constant challenges to overcome on a technical level. Similarly, the high-end watchmaking industry also needs to master a lot of physical knowledge and concentration, without distracting in a second. ’

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The Brazilian driver is one of the most experienced drivers on the Formula One circuit. He started his professional career by participating in the flagship race of motorsports in 2002. Since 2004, the brand’s first “historical” partner has equipped an RM watch on the wrist, thus starting every grand prix. He won 11 races, won 16 pole positions, 41 podiums, and was runner-up at the 2008 Ferrari Drivers World Championship. Felipe drove for Williams until 2018. At that moment, he decided it was time to leave his pioneering career in Formula One (F1).

‘I remember the important events of Rafael Nadal and Richard in Japan, the lovely events in Abu Dhabi, and even the house of Richard in France Several games happened. Richard is a charming and charismatic person with a great sense of friendship and loyalty. All the memories I have are pleasant. In addition to being an outstanding professional, I can also say that he is a true friend. ’

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He is the long-term test driver for cheap Richard Mille watches, and it is he who enables the brand to initiate and complete the feat of watchmaking. These achievements include the manufacture of a carbon nanofiber base plate, which was first tested with RM 006 Felipe Massa and then used in many other models, processing new materials, such as the ALUSIC® case on RM 009 Felipe Massa, or developing carbon nano Fiber soleplate. Perhaps the most iconic watch of the brand is: RM 011.

‘I have always enjoyed working with the RM team for many years. They are unswervingly committed to preserving the beauty of their craftsmanship, while uncompromisingly promote future watch innovations, which really impressed me. ’

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