URWERK UR-100V iron

Urwerk UR-100V iron is the latest product in the UR-100 series. The case is made of steel and titanium, and the blue and white colors express the meaning. The Swiss brand once again conceived avant-garde works full of avant-garde beauty.

In 2019, Urwerk launched the UR-100 Iron and UR-100 Black, both of which are equipped with hour display functions. A few months ago (May 2020), this Swiss luxury brand released another version of UR-100 with a gold shell. Earlier this week, the brand added the fourth reference number UR-100V Iron to the series. The latter timepiece is made of steel and titanium and is limited to 25 pieces.

Throughout history, Urwerk has skillfully played the role of color, texture and finish. It has recognized that its existing customers and potential novices are very willing to choose. Although potential customers may reject the appearance of a model, alternative color schemes or modified specifications can prove to be an attractive proposition.

However, nothing is as simple as it seems. Merely changing the color of the text on the satellite or minute orbit, or connecting belts of different tones may be the secret of failure. Martin Frei, the chief designer and co-founder of luxury Urwerk, spends a lot of time optimizing shadows, dealing with case materials and considering various finishes.

For example, with the Urwerk UR-100V iron, the top of the case has a round brush that follows the contour of the adjacent sapphire crystal. The side of the box has a straight brush extending horizontally along the belt of the box. At the same time, the chamfered edges connecting the top and sides of the case are highly polished.

Use the brand’s favorite satellite system to display the hour again, while the current hour is displayed in minutes. Anyone wearing Urwerk will undoubtedly prove that the hovering hour and minute indicators are easy to use and very legible. The hours and minutes use blue tones to express their meaning, while the white track indicates the distance traveled along the equator in a period of time, up to 20 minutes.

Felix Baumgartner, co-founder and watchmaker of Urwerk, uses originality and traditional watchmaking techniques to create impressive works. In addition, Urwerk UR-100V iron continues the brand’s reputation in modern high-end watches.

Brand press release (November 2020)

URWERK has added a new watch to its UR-100 series. UR-100V Iron is made of steel and titanium, with a single color and undecorated shell to highlight its most delicate surface effects-all finished by hand. There is no color, but subtle. The shape and surface treatment together create ever-changing contrasts of light and dark on polished, matt, frosted and shot peened surfaces.

This is UR-100V iron!

Martin Frei, the chief designer and co-founder of URWERK, said: “The main reason for falling in love with a watch is the emotional reaction to the dial.” “In addition to the complexity of its mechanism, we also try to Complete this watch. The UR-100V iron appears with its bare brilliance, only reflecting light on the metal to show its beauty.”

In addition to URWERK’s iconic satellite configuration for hour and minute drift, UR-100V Iron can also make your rotating space clearer. After the minute hand completes a 60-minute journey, it will reappear in 20 minutes at 555 kilometers. If you stand on the equator of our rotating planet, this is the distance you travel in 20 minutes. The opposite ratio tracks your travel in space around the sun: 35,740 kilometers every 20 minutes.

On the display of the UR-100V iron, the time and distance are the same, the hours and minutes are blue, and kilometers are bright white. The watchmaker and co-founder of URWERK, Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) revealed that his idea came from a clock given to him by his father Geri, a famous restorer of antique clocks. “It was made by Gustave Sandoz for the 1893 World’s Fair. It does not show the time, but the distance traveled by a point on the equator.”

Under the dome of UR-100, URWERK’s new movement 12.02 drives the carousel to transmit the wandering time on three satellites. Felix Baumgartner said: “This new movement redesigned the carousel to allow the hours to travel continuously along 60 minutes, close to the minutes. The result is easier and more intuitive reading of the time. “. The turntable and the most important time structure are forged from anodized aluminum, then sandblasted and sandblasted, while the satellite screws are rounded separately. The satellite is placed on a ruthenium-coated brass grinding wheel. The structure at the top of the hour display is frosted and sandblasted aluminum. The automatic winding rotor of UR-100 is controlled by a special-shaped screw called Windfänger.

The appearance of the UR-100V iron case is nostalgic. Many owners of URWERK watches will recall the first models of independent brands. “We took some of the stylistic features of the first buildings and then deconstructed them,” Martin Frei explained. “For example, the steel dome of our earlier model is now a transparent sapphire crystal. The hard profile of the titanium and stainless steel case demonstrates its perfection. Because I always have different requirements for symmetry, I use different The ratio is eye-catching.” He concluded.