Jacob & Co Replica watch Astronomia Casino AT160.40.AA.AA.A

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Luxury watches are no longer just talking about time. For example, the famous watch and diamond jewelry company Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino (Astronomia Casino), under the watch’s sapphire crystal dome case has a fully operable miniature roulette. The wheels of the Astronomy Casino are composed of green, red and black enamel with mahogany inlays, activated by a button at eight o’clock (which also powers the animation).

This extraordinary timepiece is the latest icon in Jacob’s astronomy-themed astronomical watch series. It can be personalized with the mother-of-pearl placed by Jacob’s craftsmen on the owner’s lucky number.

The tourbillon was originally invented as a single-axis rotating cage, which can carry the adjustment mechanism of a mechanical pocket watch, thereby improving the chronograph performance, while the astronomical tourbillon brought this 224-year-old invention to a stunning modern elegance and Level of complexity.

The dual-axis tourbillon of the Astronomer Casino is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The exquisite decoration of the flying tourbillon envelops the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and many other vital components. This outstanding tourbillon is characterized by this hollow cage, which rotates on two axes at the same time. This is a set of exquisite finished products, after exquisite assembly and fine-tuning, can make JCAM10 maintain accurate time in the entire power reserve of 60 hours.

To pay tribute to the traditional single-axis tourbillon, it takes 60 seconds for the first axis to fully rotate. The ten-minute four-arm rotating platform of the astronomical tourbillon makes the second axis of rotation possible. When designing with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology and timeless watch heritage, this gives a bold new look to how the tourbillon functions.

An unprecedented large and complex best fake watches with a rotatable roulette, allowing car owners to play their favorite games of chance at any time. Although Astronomia Casino is easy to use and use, the technical solution that actually makes it work seamlessly took more than a year of development time.

By separating the sapphire crystal from the movement, the ceramic ball can bounce continuously without affecting the function of the clock.

Jacob-Cut diamonds started out as larger rough diamonds. First, you must find a large enough rough diamond that must have the highest purity, clarity and color both inside and outside, and there must be no inclusions. If they start to cut the diamond and find inclusions, the entire diamond will be destroyed.

Next, the diamond is machined into a circle, the size is close to the final diamond.

Then, the gem cutter shapes the gemstone by hand, cutting out each individual face (288 pieces). This must be done slowly and carefully, because the stone must be perfectly round and symmetrical. The danger is that the stone will become rectangular instead of round. To be used in an astronomical collection, a Jacob cut diamond must be completely round and weigh exactly the same as the other three satellites (time display, three-axis tourbillon, and magnesium globe). fake luxury watches

During this process, if the gem cutter applies slightly too much pressure when adding facets, too many diamonds will be cut, and the ball will eventually be smaller than the required diameter. The cutting process requires at least two weeks of hard work.

In order to make the final one-carat 288-faceted Jacob cut diamond, more than half of the original rough diamond will be cut.

The complexity of hand-cutting 288 facets and ensuring that all objects are symmetrical and that the diamond is absolutely round makes the Jacob & Co. diamond used in the astronomy series so special.

The globe is made of blue lacquered magnesium with rose gold continents to ensure weight consistency, as all four satellites must have exactly the same weight. The earth rotates in 30 seconds and travels on the dial for 10 minutes.

Astronomy Casino’s case is 47 mm in diameter and 24 mm thick, between the highest point of the sapphire crystal on the front of its special dome and the lowest point of the case. The case is made of 18K rose gold. Four sapphire crystal glass windows are installed on the periphery, allowing unobstructed views of the magnificent two-axis tourbillon movement and the running wheel.

The time display sub-dial of the Astronomy Casino is driven by an infinitesimal differential system. When it rotates through the front of the astronomer with the four-arm platform of the movement, it always remains in the correct 12/6 position. The Roman numerals on the hollow dial are hand-engraved and painted with black varnish, while the hand-made hands are dark blue metallic.

Roulette animation in action.

Independent power reserve for movement and roulette animation.

Your lucky number can be customized.

The famous astronomical double-axis tourbillon, four satellite arms rotate around the dial within 10 minutes.

A Jacob-cut diamond and magnesium metal ball weighing 288 facets rotates in 30 seconds.

With the patented differential system, the time display always keeps the correct direction.

Product Number: AT160.40.AA.AA.A

Movement: Manufacturing Jacob & Co. Manual winding JCAM29A; Diameter: 41.40mm; Height: 20.50mm; Composition: 395; Material: Titanium; Gemstone: 42; Finishing: Plates and Bridges: Hand-curved and polished, side brushed, rounded, polished sink ; Polished screws; power reserve: 60 hours Frequency: 21’600 vib / h (3 Hz).

Functions: hours and minutes; system: manual winding, dual-axis flying tourbillon; first axis: complete rotation within 60 seconds; second axis: complete rotation around the central axis within 10 minutes; 1 carat unique Jacobcut® diamond : 288 facets, which can rotate within 30 seconds; a magnesite blue globe, which can rotate within 30 seconds; on-demand “roulette” animation (press 8 o’clock).

Case: 47 mm; Height: 27.9 mm. Material: 18K rose gold; side sapphire aperture; front case: enamel and rose gold roulette dial; ceramic ball box; back: 18K rose gold; bow shape: 18K rose gold with tilting rotation” “Bow”, winding and setting time; putter: 8 o’clock 18K rose gold putter; crystal: unique hemispherical sapphire, anti-reflective treatment.

Dial and dial: hours and minutes Sub-dial: titanium, manually angled and polished, lacquered hour markers; hands: blue finish.

Strap & Buckle: Strap: Alligator leather; Clasp: 18K rose gold folding clasp.