U Boat watch ATS’s new partner

U-BOAT CAPSOIL SS 8110 Replica Watch

U Boat replica Watchs finds a new partnership in the form of Italian supercar brand ATS

Italo Fontana and U-Boat brands are always looking for new and unique ways to make the most special watches, guaranteed by the best Italian craftsmanship. Cooperation is always a wonderful way to achieve this goal. U Boat Watchs hopes to find a brand that has the same vision and values ​​as itself in order to establish a strong and beneficial relationship and achieve real results.

Italo Fontana has always been passionate about Italian super sports cars, and now finally found the ideal partner of U Boat best fake watches brand ATS. A young car company, like U-Boat, has a long history, dating back to 1963, when they released their first mid-engine design.

The latest version of the ATS GT car is actually equipped with one of the digital U-boat watches in the dashboard or advanced cockpit. The car is limited to twelve pieces. U-Boat buy replicas watch has a strong Italian beauty and stylish luxury appearance, is the perfect match for this super sports car. The ATS GT was released at Pebble Beach Motor Week in California on August 23.

The “Italian way of doing things” is the essence of the ATS GT, which is said to cost about 1 million pounds and has about 700 horsepower. Its top speed is believed to exceed 206mph, with a time of 0-60mph of 3.0 seconds and a time of 0-120mph of only 9.9 seconds.

After years of research, the beautiful modern design combines smooth curves, attractive design and high-tech control technology to condense the Italian beauty. These features can always be found in Italo Fontana’s work. Every U-Boat watch undergoes extensive research and testing until perfect results are obtained.

Not only will the digital fake U-Boat watch be displayed in the center of the GT dashboard, but the Italian watch manufacturer will also launch a limited edition Chimera Titanio skull, of which only 50 are produced. This watch will have the ATS logo on the dial to symbolize the partnership. Still under development, there is another watch built into the car, which can be disassembled and worn on the wrist as needed. This is the function we expect from a million-pound car!