FRANCK MULLER V 45 MB SC DT SQT Vanguard Master Banker Replica Watch

Virtuos Complication fake Franck Muller is a very extravagant and eccentric person. He stubbornly refused to show his watches at the famous Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon (SIHH), which he thought was almost a closing event for the famous brand concerned by Richemont Group. The unique and unique Swiss also bypassed the Basel International Watch Fair. The reason is that watch brands from the new watch industry are increasingly concentrated, and the concept of the exhibition has a place in watches of all price points.

Franck Muller prefers a private and private “banquet” called “World of Haute Horlogerie” than the most famous trade fairs, events and businesses in the world. At this year’s indoor event, the unique creators of the most complex watches presented ten new Vanguard models, nine of which are men’s and one is pure women’s.

Naturally, the exhibition space of Genthod, a small Swiss town in Geneva, is traditionally a stage. On the stage, large date and complicated parts, hollow tourbillons or tourbillons with oval aluminum cages stand out. Every innovation of the watch should write a separate expert article on design techniques and cycles, but this time, the internal radiation of the simpler Vanguard V 45 SC DT rypto carbon watch, rather than the complicated mechanical functions, leave us with A deep impression.

The term “radiation” is not metaphorical. A model of the high-tech branch of the Vanguard series, which has combined watches with a Cintrée Curvex type carbon fiber case since 2015, and glows in the dark with the help of fluorescent pigment LumiNova. The mixture of strontium, aluminum and oxygen (SrAl2O4) is an indispensable part of the watch, but Franck Muller participated in the treatment of the phosphor developed by Japan’s Nemoto & Co.. Not limited to dials or circles. Therefore, for those who are looking for high-quality watches in the dark and in the dark, the Franck Muller Vanguard V 45 SC DT rypto Carbon.VE model is perfect for him.

The Vanguard 45 SC DT Carbon Carbon.VE model is actually overgrown with LumiNova paint. Skilled and capable engineers add the monomer block to the carbon composite before curing it in the oven. After dark, the fashion replica watches glows from every side. The case measuring 44.0×53.7×12.8 mm is filled with green light. The dial is protected by high-quality sapphire glass. Large Arabic numerals and three central hands also help to shine. The large Arabic numerals are black with a green frame.

Therefore, green highlights the color balance of the entire model. All Arabic numbers look a bit like racing numbers. Then you will find a useful date stamp at position 6. The date is displayed in small white Arabic on a black background. The hands are black and white, the second hand is black, with a small white tip at the end. In the middle of the dial is the white inscription logo and the word Krypton. The crown in the third position is also black. The black case of the watch is very special, it has delicate green stripes, so the case looks like a strange reptile or lizard skin.

In the daytime, this model looks very mysterious, so it looks even more mysterious in the dark. Franck Muller (Franck Muller) Vanguard V 45 SC DT s carbon Carbon.VE men’s watch is truly futuristic, and its owner will be the focus of this watch. Therefore, this model will be suitable for eccentric people who like special products and have a strong personality.

This novelty obviously refers to the story of the famous Superman, especially the planet and the fictional chemical element, stone, which is driven by the automatic movement FM 0800 produced by the manufacturer. The power reserve of the aircraft is 42 hours. The machine has the complexity of hours, minutes, seconds and practical data. It contains a total of 158 components, 21 gems, and its flywheel vibrates at a frequency of 28800 v/h (4 Hz).

Franck Muller (Franck Muller) Vanguard V 45 SC DT rypto carbon’s replica watch with sports rubber nylon strap, and equipped with a folding clasp. This sporty strap is black with contrasting green thread stitched. Watchmaker Franck Muller once again demonstrated that he can perform light experiments very well and effectively. Only time will tell whether this interesting watch model (not intentionally offered at a large watch event) will find its loyal customers.