Corum Golden Bridge Rectangular Exhibition

Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE RECTANGLE B113/03395 Replica watch

Every once in a while, while I was busy writing the previous news updates of Baselworld on the new watch, I stumbled upon something that made me stop and wonder, well, what would this baby look like on the wrist? Most of the time, I am content to wait for the Basel Watch Fair itself, where I will probably have the opportunity to watch it up close and try it on.

But sometimes, I wonder if I can spend some time with the watch before the exhibition. This is the case with the new Corum Golden Bridge rectangle, the latest version of the brand’s iconic timepiece uses a rectangular movement.

To my surprise, Corum was actually able to send me an email before its release, which means that not only did I not have to wait for Basel to try it out; I would wear it throughout the exhibition. The following is the impression of the exhibition with the Corum Golden Bridge rectangle at Baselworld.

The Golden Bridge Rectangle is the latest version of the original Golden Bridge that has shattered since 1980. The Golden Bridge introduced the world’s first linearly oriented, manually wound movement in a unique barrel-shaped case. Since then, Corum has used the original model for many years to produce many descendants, including versions with self-winding movements. “Ti-Bridge” model, in which the classic gold case was replaced by titanium; last year’s Golden Bridge round

The rectangle is a bit back to the classic look, with moderate proportions and simplicity. This soft-sided rectangular case is made of 18k rose gold and has a shiny polished effect. The lugs curve gracefully around the wrist. The size of 29.5mm x 42.2mm is modern, but the cautious side is wrong. The CO113 movement requires manual winding-it is best to wind it every day, because the power reserve time is relatively short, it should be stored in a barrel at 6 o’clock in the vertical design movement, and the storage time is relatively short.

If it is your first contact with “Golden Bridge”, you will want to remember one thing immediately: the unusual position of the crown is located at the bottom of the case, below 6 o’clock, with curved guards on both sides. If you fasten the watch in a hurry without checking the direction of the relatively small crown, you may end up turning the watch upside down, thereby completely confusing the time on the dial. The edge of the crown is grooved and the surface is engraved with Corum’s “key” logo, which is difficult to grasp with larger fingers, especially when wearing a watch. It is best to remove the watch before winding, this is a much simpler operation.

Of course, the display element of this Best quality swiss watch is the element framed by the gold case under the sapphire crystal (front and back). Six highly stylized curved Roman numerals (I, III, V, VII, IX and XI) are fixed to the arched base with small rivets; the center of these arched structures has a crisscross effect, reminiscent of beams Or the girder; the overall effect is intended to evoke the structure of the suspension bridge (obviously, designer Dino Modolo is also the predecessor of the round case of the watch, he chose a more realistic interpretation of the word “bridge” rather than a horological interpretation.) These elements The brushed finish contrasts sharply with the finely polished surface of the case and adds depth. In addition, the rhodium-plated surface treatment of the hands makes most of the golden elements behind them incredible reading time.

The CO113 movement is located in the center of the timepiece. The center is between rows of Roman numerals and is swept by faceted, sword-shaped hour and minute hands, its vertically oriented gears and gears, and luxury engraved with 18k gold The bridge-shaped case is exemplary. Eyes and begging to be examined carefully under a magnifying glass. The balance wheel of the escapement vibrates at a fast swing frequency of 28,800-vph, adding movement to the 12 o’clock watch. The floral print on the front of the movement incorporates the Corum gold embossed logo, and the back is marked “18K” and “Swiss”. This is where I shut up and let the photos have some conversation:

Corum’s “key” logo highlights another outstanding appearance, namely the closure of the 18k gold double folding clasp, the shiny bracelet, and the reddish brown alligator strap to fix it on the wrist. The drawing surface of the fastening mechanism has the same number as the suspension bridge.

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of wearing a Corum Golden Bridge rectangular watch at Baselworld is to see the reaction of other watch industry professionals to this product-of course, this has not yet been released to the market-every time I remove it from When sliding down your wrist, try another brand of watch. Needless to say, it rarely sits beside me for a long time beside the podium before it arouses curiosity, admiration and inquiries. At least from these anecdotal evidence, it can be seen that Corum won a home run with this new version of the Golden Bridge: very hard-wearing, undeniable luxury, and truly different from any other timepiece.

Corum Golden Bridge and Miss Golden Bridge shine with high diamond snow

Just in time for the holidays, Corum launched four new Golden Bridge watches, which brought him and her stunning diamond snow settings. Snowfall is a process in which it seems that diamonds of various sizes are randomly placed in the metal to simulate snowfall. In this complex diamond setting process, all metals are blocked. Although from “hole” to “hole”, most rectangular cut settings and even bright cut settings (where diamonds are placed) are consistent, but in the snow setting, each setting (equipped with claws) goes through Carved individually to fit different stone sizes-showing the experience and innovation of the jeweler.

“In the end, each Snow Mountain Golden Bridge is completely unique,” said Corum CEO Jérôme Biard. “They are both real high-end watchmaking pieces and high-end jewellery. We will never make two identical watches. This cover reflects Corum’s out-of-the-box thinking, breaking the conventional philosophy, and providing our collectors with A unique caliber, a baguette movement and a highly unique setting almost never used in the history of Corum.”

It will snow on both Jinqiao models, including the larger version with dimensions of 34mm x 51mm and the smaller Miss Jinqiao (21mm x 43 mm). For each of these parts, the entire case and crown are completely fixed. These watches will be available in 18-carat white gold and 18-carat rose gold.

The Jinqiao large size inlaid with rose gold and white gold is delicately set with 314 diamonds weighing 2.68 carats, and is equipped with anti-reflective double sapphire crystals, allowing you to Discount fake watches the spectacular vertical movement. Miss Jinqiao also offers rose gold and white gold, set with h245 diamonds weighing 1.28 carats.