De Bethune DB28 steel wheels: a review on the wrist

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De Bethune is one of the most exciting independent fake watches for sale brands in existence. Although “only” has been in business for 17 years with an annual output of between 100 and 300 pieces, De Bethune covers a huge creative field. Between its dazzling past models (more than 150 models) and movements (27 or more), De Bethune’s powerful features can drown even the most enthusiastic watch enthusiasts and industry observers.

Fortunately, the DB28 series from 2011 to the present has taken on the role of brand icon, anchor model and catalog constant. The exploration of the DB28 steel wheels (the key model of the DB28 series) revealed many aspects of De Bethune’s design and the core values ​​of the brand.

De Bethune DB 28: A natural winner

The first DB28 was launched in 2011 and immediately won the “Oscars in the Watch Industry”-Geneva Haute Horlogerie Grand Bounty Award. No single feature or breakthrough can explain the honor. The appearance and working method of DB28 are the same as no other watches on the market at that time or now.

Like explaining Dada or dreaming without an image, dissecting De Bethune’s iconic watch is a challenge – where to start from such a strange subject?

Start with the lugs and work from the outside to the inside. If there is a function that can define De Bethune’s breadwinner, then the “floating” lug system can change its geometry to fit the owner’s wrist.

Although it is inextricably linked to DB28, this ergonomic spring gem was patented in 2006 and launched on the DB26 perpetual calendar in 2008. Even casual observers will notice moving lugs and often focus their fascination on function. The lugs of the watch just shouldn’t move like this.

Although not so prominent in past and present De Bethune products, the tapered cabochon convex surface at the end of the lug-like swing arm.

These prosperous things are called “ogival”, “cone”, “bullet”, and (outdated) “Dagmars” respectively, and are the only relics of the brand’s first product in 2002, the original De Bethune DB1 chronograph.

Like all models from replica De Bethune until 2018, the DB28 reflects extensive design opinions from the Italian watch industry veteran and brand co-founder David Zanetta. His hands attracted the DB1 and cones, which affected almost all De Bethune products until he retired from the brand in 2018.

Brief History of De Bethune
“Legacy” may be a prison, and De Bethune’s lack of history before 2002 made the brand’s watches undergo renovation almost every year. Rolex models continue to appear and evolve over a period of decades, but the aesthetics of De Bethune has changed so much that 12 months are enough to make the previous product almost unrecognizable from its successor.

Consider the comparison between the 2004 DB15 perpetual calendar and the 2006 DB22 power reserve: only the brand logo marks them as products of the same brand.

De Bethune DB28 is a refinement of the elements pioneered in previous models.

6 o’clock is the spherical moon phase, which is a legend in 2004, when the first example landed on DB15. This is not an average phase angle: the two metal halves form a sphere, one is blue titanium and the other is white palladium.

The small pusher dimples on the three o’clock side are hidden under the lugs, but due to the extraordinary accuracy of the De Bethune moon phase display, the pusher and its auxiliary pen only need to be used once every 1112 years (see 8 most accurate Moon) today’s phase watch).

Dial style: blue titanium and transparent sapphire crystal
Previous De Bethune best swiss replica watches used non-structural titanium as an industrial technical decoration, and the DB28 is no exception. The initial thermal oxidation bluing process of De Bethune titanium was initiated in 2004, and the result was effectively applied to DB28 steel wheels.

The hour hand consists of blue titanium rings that span both sides of the balance bridge. On the outside of the blue bar, a set of polished spherical titanium “hour indexes” provide an intuitive reference for reading time. A slatted flange is fixed around the dial and provides an inclined transition from the baffle to the base of the dial. The depth of field is excellent.

In the center of the dial, the hour and minute hands float on the triangle-shaped skull bridge blazon with a micro-texture called de Bethune. The sapphire crystal hour hand ensures that there are no obstacles that would affect the hollowed barrel bridge and the hollowed barrel that follows. Like other elements of the “steel wheel”, we have seen the sapphire crystal hour hand before, which was released on the DB26 in 2008 to provide an unobstructed view of the perpetual calendar. On the steel wheel, the result is ethereal elegance and the impression of a suspended dial.

All sides of the gears are mirror-polished metal moats, which empties a vast space.

DB28 steel wheels: a uniquely designed machine
Without acknowledging the important role of the movement itself in the watch style scheme, it is impossible to study DB28 steel wheels in depth.

The 2115V4 movement incorporates many time-tested but constantly evolving De Bethune mechanical innovations. The most obvious is above the moon at the bottom of the dial: an extraordinary balance bridge.

From the outside, the eyes meet the side impact spring, which is the anchor point of the balance bridge; this is De Bethune’s “Triple Pare-Chute” system. The system was first provided in 2005 and it is supplemented by a set of outboard springs. Abraham-Louis Breguet’s pioneer parachute protection device to complement the Incabloc anti-vibration spring on the balance.

The core is the degree of manufacturing integration of De Bethune. The balance wheel is a blue titanium spider web with an independent platinum texture. The goal is maximum pole moment, maximum thermal stability and minimum air resistance.

Since the first model was launched in 2004, six internal De Bethune balance wheel designs have been provided. The example on the steel wheel is the 2016 model. Rest assured, there will definitely be more.

Under the guidance of founder, partner and head of watchmaking Denis Flageollet (Denis Flageollet), De Bethune seems more like an entrepreneurial technology incubator than a hardware manufacturer.

Denis Flageollet: scientist and watchmaker

Any shape of De Bethune watch must admit Flageollet, he sometimes seems more like a research and development scientist than a watchmaker.

If François-Paul Journe (François-Paul Journe) is the Thomas Edison of today’s watch industry, that is, the mainstream name and well-known inventor at that time, then Flageollet is the watch industry Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla). He is neither a natural self-promoter nor life after the GPHG party, but he is a watch genius.

Other evidence of the innovator’s hand can be seen in the 2115V4 balance spring. This strange asymmetrical graphic design is a quiet advancement in the balance spring architecture. Although the traditional over-coil profile can effectively center the quality of the balance spring to avoid changes in position timing, they are thicker, susceptible to shocks, and more easily damaged during use.

The flat hairspring designed by Flageollet is designed to achieve super-spiral concentric beating, and has the slenderness, shock resistance and durability of a flat hairspring. De Bethune developed and manufactured this hairspring in its own facility.

A good measure is that the proprietary silicon escapement wheel can reduce instantaneous friction and reduce the change in mechanical resistance between two uses.

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