Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day SBGD202 with “Night Sky” dial

Grand Seiko SPRING DRIVE SBGD202 Replica Watch

Spring Drive is the pride of Seiko, and is the core of Micro Artist Studio’s latest 8-day watch.

As we all know, it is a brand new gathering for Grand Seiko. Grand Seiko is now its own independent brand, not as a series under the entire Seiko brand. The most obvious manifestation of this change is of course the removal of the Seiko logo from the Seiko watch dial, and the Seiko performance only bears the Seiko logo.

Grand Seiko is both a means of the watch family, and Seiko applies this method to quartz and mechanical watches. Its products range from high-precision 9F quartz movements to internal mechanical movements including 36,000 vph. High-frequency movement.

However, one technology unique to Seiko is Spring Drive. Seiko uses it not only in Grand Seiko replica watches, but also in Prospex series and Credor Eichi series watches. This is also the only movement used by Seiko for the complexity of Credor’s watchmaking (Spring Drive Sonnerie and Spring Drive Minute Repeater).

Spring Drive is difficult to obtain because it is indeed a hybrid technology. Of course, some quartz watches have mechanical components-Swiss automatic quartz movements and Seiko’s own Kinetic movements, both use rotors borrowed from the automatic winding system to generate current. This will charge the rechargeable battery with a standard quartz movement. However, Spring Drive is different.

The Spring Drive movement has a completely standard mechanical gear train, extending from the barrel to where you usually want to find the escape wheel and balance wheel. However, the Spring Drive watch does not have any of them. Instead, it has a “pulley” that contains a small but powerful permanent magnet. It rotates between the two electromagnets to generate current to power the quartz timing kit, which in turn controls (through the same electromagnet) the speed of rotation of the glide wheel. This will control the speed at which the wheels in the mainspring rotate under the push of the mainspring. Without batteries or capacitors, from the outside, the logo of the Spring Drive watch is a non-jittering second hand. Instead, it can slide smoothly (and silently) around the dial.

This Seiko replica watches swiss with a stainless steel case is actually the second case to use the 8-day spring-driven movement 9R01. The first watch equipped with this movement was the platinum 8-day Seiko Spring Drive watch released in March last year. The aesthetics of this new version is completely different from the narrow palette of the almost white platinum version, with an 18k rose gold case and a black dial sprinkled with tiny gold particles, which Seiko says is designed to represent the shimmering night sky star.

The 9R01 movement has many special functions. Adjusted to ±0.5 seconds per day, all three barrels are inlaid with jewels-there are a total of 56 movements, they are made of single crystal synthetic ruby, with a deeper color. Two barrels are stacked under the third barrel. This configuration allows all three barrels to be wound from a single ratchet. Seiko said that the single-acting bridge provides better stiffness and impact resistance. It is made of maillechort (German silver) and has been manually chamfered and decorated. The power reserve is displayed on the movement bridge, not on the dial. The silhouette of the bridge is a stylized representation of Mount Fuji.

Compared with the platinum version, it is much higher than most Grand Seiko models; however, these are obviously not typical models of the Seiko version. It is easy to assume that these watches are specifically aimed at capable Seiko fans, but I think they also show their intentions, especially to strengthen Seiko as a luxury brand, and ultra-rare high-end watches. Not only is it limited to Credor Eichi and Chiming cheap swiss watches, but it also makes more audiences aware of the meaning of Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve SBGD202: 18k rose gold case, size 43mm x 13.2mm, with box-shaped sapphire crystal; screw down the display, water resistance is 10 bar / 100 meters. Movement, movement 9R01, manual winding 8 days spring driver, adjusted to ±0.5 seconds per day/±10 seconds per month, power reserve on the movement bridge; the bridge is made of hand-decorated maillechort/German silver. Antimagnetic to 4,800 A/m (Ampere per meter). The overall size is 37mm x 7mm.