Greubel Forsey GMT Sport Titanium

As early as 2015, GMT Black paved the way for GMT Sport. On this basis, Robert Greubel (Robert Greubel) and Stephen Forsey (Stephen Forsey) invented and launched a lightweight, ultra-strong profiled titanium case with an oval bezel and a one-piece watch Ears to showcase this new movement. From above, the new case looks perfectly round, while from other angles it shows prominent arches and oval shapes. Due to the unique functional form, the integrated lugs and belt can perfectly fit any wrist. Greubel Forsey’s values ​​are engraved on the frame relief of the satin bezel. The arched bridge and the inclined gear train show a new movement architecture.

The focus of the sporty GMT Sport is legibility and efficiency. The hour and minute hands are shown by hollow, concentric hands, whose curved outline follows the curvature of the case and movement. The gear train is mounted on a suspended arched central bridge with black treated openings. The gear transmission moves along the curve of the bridge, overlooking the earth, driving the hour and minute hands. The luminous coating enhances the triangular tip of the arrow-shaped pointer and the markings on the minute hour ring. The auxiliary dial between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock combines the small seconds on the large dial with the second time zone display. The 72-hour power reserve (guaranteed by two coaxial barrels) is represented by hollow hands and a prominent red triangle on the fan shape at 3 o’clock. Placed under an arched bridge,

The 24-second tourbillon is unveiled at 1 o’clock, and its unique and highly polished tourbillon bridge has a black finishing opening. This is Greubel Forsey’s third basic invention in the field of tourbillons (following the 30°Double Tourbillon and Quadruple Tourbillon). Its cage tilts 25° to stand out, completing a full rotation in 24 hours. The combination of faster speed and the inclination of the cage of the present invention greatly improves the timing performance in the single tourbillon system.

As early as 2011, Greubel Forsey proposed an amazing GMT mechanism. In this dual-patented mechanism, the second time zone indicator located between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock on the auxiliary dial is combined with the universal time display to intuitively read the current time around the world. The eye-catching glasses that rotate the globe on the ground will rotate completely counterclockwise along its axis within 24 hours. Surrounded by a sapphire crystal ring, it can be divided for 24 hours. Therefore, the wearer can read the local time for all longitudes, including day/night indications. On the back cover of GMT Sport, the outer ring and the middle ring complete the Sapphire City CD to provide UTC world time and summer time for 24 cities in the main time zones. This disc distinguishes those time zones where daylight saving time is applied and time zones where daylight saving time is not applied. The function of GMT is controlled by two buttons located on the left side of the box.

The new GMT Sport is worn on a black or blue rubber strap. The titanium folding clasp enhances the comfort and ergonomics of this extraordinary Greubel Forsey timepiece.

GREUBEL FORSEY BALANCIER. Hands-on operation of a watch equipped with a 12.6 mm balance wheel and the latest work of the manufacturer.

When a watch collector hears or reads Greubel Forsey’s name, he/she knows that any watch bearing that name is a handmade watch, distinctive and the pinnacle of modern watchmaking. . They released their latest work: Balancier. This outstanding timepiece has a balance wheel with a diameter of 12.6 mm and is limited to 33 pieces in 18K white gold. It embodies the basic principles of the brand and highlights all the unique qualities of Greubel Forsey watches in a low-key manner.

Greubel Forsey Signature 1 White gold silver Replica Watch

Dial and case
Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been pushing the limits of fine watchmaking for years, dealing with the challenges of complexity every day. However, following the double tourbillon 30°, quadruple tourbillon, tourbillon 24 seconds and many other bold complications, such as the one released at SIHH 2017 a few months ago, our selection of Grande Sonnerie, new Greubel Forsey Balancier goes without saying that the brand is destined to one day create a timepiece of extremely high purity with a unique and original balance wheel. The new Balancier is equipped with a 43.5 mm diameter 18K white gold case and GF’s well-known multi-layer structure dial, bringing the balance wheel to the center.

The dial is actually the main plate of the movement. It has nickel silver, matte and speckled surfaces, straight-grained sides, gold hour rings, hand frosted and ground, engraved black lacquered hour scales and minute circles, the second scale is located Between 3 and 2. 4 o’clock, power reserve indicator between 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock, and fully exposed Greubel Forsey balance wheel system from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock. In addition, at 2 o’clock, the dial is also inlaid with olive gold inlaid with olive-shaped gems. The blue hands complete the exquisite design of this watch with its unique Greubel Forsey method.

The case adopts the traditional case construction of all other Greubel Forsey timepieces, with three-dimensional variable geometry lugs, asymmetric convex sapphire crystal, 18K white gold crown, with a black lacquered GF logo engraved case and strap Side windows with curved sapphire crystals allow a partial side view of the balance wheel. replica watches perfect

Equipped with an internal manual winding movement composed of 269 parts and 37 jewels, the back of the movement is a real pleasure for the eyes. This time, the movement is completely covered by a polished inscribed, polished bevel and two distinct gold dials on the back of the polished gold plate. The center of the back of the movement uses another 18K rose gold solid gold center plate, which is engraved with the GF logo and the individual number of the watch. Without a doubt, one of the most refined and refined finishes of the movement. When the laser engraving machine is used to complete the text engraving, the final processing and smoothing of the text outline and its background are manually completed.

This French text implies the inherent attributes and qualities of the masterpieces of timepieces created by Greubel Forsey. The contents are: “Bienfacture Esthetique”, “Savoir-Faire”, “Exclusivité”, “Technicité”, “Architecture Perfection” “, “Garde-Temps”, “Inventor Watchmaker”, “Exclusivité”, “Harmonie Unique”, “Créativité”, “Univers Original” and “Arbeitecture Noblesse”.

The new Greubel Forsey Balancier is worn on the wrist and is perfect and fits its size. We have said before, and again, Greubel Forsey timepieces are simply amazing and worth every penny. If you don’t understand why the price of this watch is so high, please go to an authorized Greubel Forsey dealer and see for yourself. You can check this table through a magnifying glass, and at this moment you will understand why their prices are so high. When it comes to watches of this caliber, it is very simple and you will get what you need.

Greubel Forsey Balancier watch If complexity is the hallmark of a Grobel Fossey watch, it is the tourbillon. This is why Double Balancier watches are so amazing a few years ago, because this is their first watch without a tourbillon, and we don’t mind at all. The new product for 2017 is the Greubel Forsey Balancier watch, which is one of the most affordable products of the brand (I believe the most affordable is Signature 1, which is another simple non-tourbillon product). It is equipped with a brand new internally made balance wheel. It is indeed a dignified, clear and easy-to-understand platinum watch that can still be immediately identified as Greubel Forsey.

The idea behind “Balancier” involves a single diagonally inclined balance wheel that serves as the visual center of the dial. Greubel Forsey Double Balancier is more complicated, sacrificing a lot of readability in order to maintain double balance display. However, Greubel Forsey Balancier upholds this philosophy and puts forward this philosophy purely while retaining the same level of high-quality finishes that the brand is known for.

Realizing the relatively simple beauty of the watch, Greubel Forsey (Greubel Forsey) decided to carefully hand polish, chamfer and finish the balance bridge and the entire watch, which is not surprising. Several highly polished surfaces on the dial are paired with frosted polished finishes on the hour and second hands, and the black and lacquered hour markers and numbers further emphasize this contrast. Only through individual trimming, Greubel Forsey’s hue here will definitely match the blue steel spear-like hand. Fake watches

The white gold case of Greubel Forsey Balancier adopts the same asymmetrical design in many previous releases of the brand and immediately conveys the design DNA of the brand. The case is 43.5mm wide and has a hand-polished bezel. The sides of the case have lines along the vertical direction to help the dial layout achieve a three-dimensional effect. The case back itself is extensively engraved. Although it is certainly impressive, it is indeed a pleasure to see the movement that drives the watch to wind automatically.

This 37-jewel movement provides a power reserve of 72 hours when fully wound, and consists of 269 parts. The double barrel (one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid excessive tension) supports stable operation at 21,600vph. Greubel Forsey also decided to apply a series of impressive finishes to the movement, combining frosted and spotted bridges with polished grooves and counterbore. Again, this is something I would love to see from the back of the case, but I found it nothing to worry about, because the dial and four-handed layout are enough to make your head rotate when you appreciate this watch.

Considering how dreamlike some of Greubel Forsey’s previous designs are, it is really refreshing to ask them to step back and implement a timepiece that focuses on simple visual concepts. It is difficult and difficult to perform highly complex tasks proficiently, and achieving beauty in simplicity is almost as difficult, and I found Greubel Forsey Balancier just to show that the brand is leading their games in both cases.

The Greubel Forsey Balancier watch is still Greubel Forsey without a doubt. Although I can’t see myself wearing it on my wrist anytime soon, its price is much lower than many typical products of the brand. The white gold Greubel Forsey Balancier watch comes with a hand-stitched black alligator strap.