Greubel Forsey launches Landmark watches: handmade 1

For more than a century and a half, this is a new watch made entirely by hand. 95% of its components are hand-carved and only hand tools are used. Today, Greubel Forsey Hand Made 1 almost humiliates the mechanical watchmaking industry, including many parts and assembly processes performed by CNC machines and robots. almost. Because, let us face the reality, if it is not used for micro technology, then today’s watches will take a lot of time to manufacture, and the price is extremely expensive, just like in the past.

Case: Hand-made 1. In order to finally reach 308 parts (272 movement parts and 36 case parts) that meet Greubel Forsey high standards, more than 800 parts must be manufactured. Hand-carving tiny objects without the help of computers and machines is no easy task. In fact, it takes 6,000 hours of working time (equivalent to 3 working hours) to make a watch.

In addition, it takes a lot of time to manufacture more parts to maintain strict standards, which is an inherent factor in the value/cost of each watch. In this way, the watch has no value, and it does not currently have a retail price (usually two different things), because this price is likely to be astronomical, even for the Gruber Fauci standard.

However, Hand Made 1 not only represents the revival of the art of manual watchmaking in the past, but also represents pushing them to new heights. This is the most accurate, exquisite and exquisite hand-made cheapest replica watches in history.

The concept behind handmade 1
Over the years, in the eyes of Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel, making this watch has been a dream. The two pioneers and innovators worked closely with the distinguished watchmakers Philippe Dufour and Time Aeon on the Naissance dunes Montre1 adventure tour to teach the past generations until today Skills so that they will not be lost in the future. This “Handmade 1” project is a branch of the original concept.

Since industrialization and nanotechnology have almost erased the special skills of watchmaking, Greubel Forsey strives to reinvent these handcrafted talents. Today’s task is to raise the traditional watchmaking process to a new standard-to show the highest precision and craftsmanship of manual watches in the history of watchmaking.

Not surprisingly, this incredible effort comes from independent brand Greubel Forsey. In just a short life, this now legendary company has reinvented the watchmaking industry today and promoted it to new watches with watches such as Tourbillon 24 Secondes, Double Tourbillon 30° and Quadruple Tourbillon, Art The level of innovation.

Starting today, Stephen Forsey will perform a tour-a global tour of five content spanning 40 cities. This is a scene that no one wants to miss. On his first tour, I will meet with Stephen Forsey to get more background stories about the watch and the challenges inherent in the watch. I will also operate the watch, take pictures and conduct official interviews-all of which I will bring to you in November. However, for now, we briefly introduce Hand Made 1.

The Challenge of Making Greubel Forsey Handmade 1
As mentioned earlier, 95% of watches, including delicate hairsprings, are made using only hand tools. Greubel Forsey relies on “hand intelligence” to correct tiny details and pay closer attention to perfection to achieve perfect mechanical quality, thus forming a special team of the most skilled craftsmen in various fields, these teams come from their workshops and Several external talents work together.

Hours, minutes, seconds and tourbillon timepieces are completely from scratch, which requires a creative and bold method to find technical solutions to manufacture certain parts and adjust their dimensions to fit the 43.5 mm case Diameter (13.5 mm thick). In some cases, it is better to simplify the movement and reduce the number of parts, while in other cases, such as the tourbillon escapement, you must increase the number of parts to make each part manually, but make them work in harmony. The time required to make a complete tourbillon cage consisting of 69 parts is almost 35 times the time required to make a standard high-end tourbillon. A single screw can take up to 12 operations or eight hours.

Greubel Forsey said: “The same question is asked at every stage: how do we design the part so that it can be manufactured using traditional tools or machines (such as jig boring machines or lathes)? What shape can we give it to Can the wise hands of craftsmen ensure extraordinary precision and the finest craftsmanship?”

From the movement to the case, dial and strap, the watch replica was slowly realized. The only parts on the watch that are not handmade are some case washers and sapphire crystals.

This watch is made of 18 carat white gold and represents the essence of Swiss manufacturing. However, it is not “made in Switzerland” in the inscription, but “made by hand”. Greubel Forsey estimates that they will only produce two pieces a year, or a maximum of three pieces.