U-Boat watches: high-end treasures

When Italian designer Italo Fontana discovered his grandfather’s old watch design in 2000, he might feel like a successful treasure hunter: engineer Ilvo Fontana was commissioned in 1942 to design and manufacture watches for Italian Navy and Air Force officers. The copy watch should be easy to read and indestructible in all light and weather conditions. The project has never been executed, but its plan has been discovered in the Italian city of Lucca (Tuscany). When Italo Fontana stumbled upon the sketch in his grandfather’s file, he was instantly hooked: the idea of ​​a large military watch never disappeared. Therefore, attractive designers created the brand U-Boat’s motto “new dimension of time” shortly thereafter.

Italo Fontana was born in Lucca in 1965 and U-Boat still works here. He was passionate about design when he was young, because his family was active in the textile industry. In addition, the Italian designer has always loved the ocean, and he is facing primitive power in many water sports. U-Boat’s eye-catching model seems to be the logical conclusion of Italo Fontana’s love of design and passion for the original power of nature.

The company he founded quickly gained fame in the luxury watch industry and continues to play a pioneering role in innovative thinking and extraordinary design. U-Boat’s first watches were mainly equipped with Myota quartz movements, and their stunning design left a deep impression. At the same time, U-Boat timepieces also inspire watch enthusiasts, because in the boom of success, Italo Fontana decided to use luxurious interiors to improve its watches. The mechanical movement of the Swiss manufacturer ETA SA is now the heart of all submarine watches. These submarine watches are also supplied by well-known manufacturers such as Breitling, Omega or Tag Heuer. All series are handmade in Italy by master watchmakers, with superb technology and attention to detail.

Technically and optically: 1st grade
The U-Boat timepiece meets the highest technical standards, and its impressive size is impressive. Today, watch manufacturers have seven different series: U-42, Chimera, Black Swan, U-1001, Flightdeck, Classico and Thousand Feet. The extremely flexible and innovative design of these models distinguishes U-Boat timepieces from models of other luxury manufacturers. Famous fans such as Victoria and David Beckham or Sylvester Stallone are also convinced.

The diameter of the U-Boat watch is up to 55 mm, which is very large, which requires another special function: the crown is installed on the left side of all models. Despite its large size, U-Boat watches are still at the forefront in terms of comfort. The design of the large timepiece is quite low-key, so the color and shape of the dial play a decisive role. U-Boat’s watches reflect Italo Fontana’s unique personality. They are particularly suitable for wearers who want to show strength and style at the same time through their watches. On watch.de, you will find some unusual models in the U-Boat series, which we will introduce to you here.

U-Boat series U-42 ​​is reminiscent of Ilvo Fontana. Because there was no Ilvo, Ilvo initiated the creation of the company indirectly through his design, so the Italian watchmaker would cease to exist. Therefore, it is used U-shaped submarine Italo Fontana U-shaped unicorn 42 is the latest clock in technology, but it looks like the old one. The brown dial eliminates any decoration: the hour, minute, and second hands meet in the middle and are designed with a retro look. The titanium case (diameter without crown: 53 mm, height: 19 mm) provides automatic movement protection for the U-28 movement during routine maintenance. The stop function that sets the time to seconds should also please punctual fans. A special feature of U-42 ​​Unicum is the crown, which can be folded and is convenient and easy to use-even when wearing gloves. U-42 Unicum is a real collection made of the highest quality materials, with a limited number of “26”.


After experiencing the most important event in history, we came to the most popular series of Italian watchmakers: U-Boat Chimera. The watches of this series impress people with their strength, masculinity and personality. The best example is U-Boat Italo Fontana Chimera Silver, even ambitious watch enthusiasts can’t help but glance at it. The case of the 46mm timepiece is made of 925 silver. The exclusivity of the selected material is not broken on the bracelet: it is made of soft black crocodile leather. The color-coordinated dial is equipped with beige Arabic numerals, hour markers and hands, and gives a three-dimensional appearance through a special two-layer technology. The power of this chronograph comes from an automatic movement. It is equipped with a Valjoux 7750 movement with 25 jewels. It can be seen on the bottom of the watch through sapphire glass.

The uniqueness of the watches left a deep impression on those spoiled by luxury.

The characteristic crown with special protection is missing in Chimera as in U-Boat Italo Fontana Classico 925 Silver. With its sturdy militaristic design and wide dial, it embodies the essence of U-Boat’s legendary style. All metal elements of the watch are made of 925 silver, which adds a sense of luxury to the sports chronograph. Where can I find fake replica watches?

The case has a height of 18.10 mm and a diameter of 48 mm (without crown). In turn, it is equipped with a special, screw-down crown protector that will not loosen even under extreme loads. The manufacturer’s logo is engraved on the right side of the case and on the folding clasp. The brandy leather bracelet is in harmony with the dial, which is subtle beige. The black numbers and hands and the three scales on the dial provide a variety of options for the eyes. Among other functions, it provides the option to set the time to seconds accurately.

Of course, senior watchmakers have not forgotten the date display. It is nine o’clock. There is a small window at the bottom of the watch, through which you can check the function of the balance (components of the movement). The U-77 self-winding movement ensures the absolute reliability of this extraordinary chronograph. Qualitatively and visually, Classico 925 Silver is convincing in every aspect. The limited edition enhances the wrist of every watch enthusiast.

For the deep sea: U-1001 Blu Titan

In the past, Italo Fontana watches were originally considered as design objects, but nowadays-at least some models of watches-also meet the requirements of water sports. This includes the limited Italo Fontana Classico U-1001 Blu Titan submarine. The sturdy titanium case is 55 mm wide and 18.2 mm high and can be kept self-winding. There are 25 jewels on the movement U28 and it is dried to a depth of 1001 meters.

With a simple dial, the designer can clearly focus on the essentials, and there is no other function except the quick-adjustable date display. Partly bright blue, partly gray numbers, and black and blue pointers are visually appealing. As with the models already shown, the crown is located on the left and is equipped with a screwable protection device. In addition to the brown leather strap, it also includes a waterproof rubber strap.

No wonder U-Boat’s super toughness watch is now gaining global recognition.