Grand Seiko Elegance Collection opened a new route.

9S63 movement. Powerful movement opens a new design direction

The 9S63 movement is an important addition to the growing family of Seiko movements. It has been eight years since Seiko put on a manual winding mechanical movement, which is worth waiting for. Calibre 9S63 provides a small second hand at 9 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. Although these small dials are easy to read, they are discreet and unobtrusive, allowing the eyes to appreciate the beauty of the Urushi lacquer made of the dial. The 9S63 movement has a power reserve of 72 hours and an accuracy of +5 to -3 seconds per day. great replica watches

Perfect fusion of two craft traditions

This new version of Urushi dial, which offers two versions, combines two Japanese craft traditions. Seiko’s purity, low-key and subtle design aesthetics are evident in every detail, the master craftsmanship and careful care of the watchmakers of the stone watch studio. The case is polished using a special Zaratsu method, designed to highlight the beauty of the curved surface. The dial and sapphire crystal are also curved, giving the watch a classic look. The minute hand and the power reserve indicator hand are bent so that it fully conforms to the dome outline of the dial.

The dial also shows the second form of Japanese craftsmanship, lacquer. The amber dial is made of transparent and long-lasting Urushi, which comes from the trees growing in the town of Joboji and its surrounding area under the mountain. Iwate Mountain is the main body of the skyline above Shi Shi Watch Studio. Through the amber “Suki-urushi” lacquer, subtle mountains can be seen. The Iwate pattern demonstrates the pride of watchmakers in the natural beauty surrounding their homes. The black dial uses the same varnish mixed with iron to give it a unique dark black color.

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In both works, the time scale and the “GS” letter are decorated by Urushi master Ismura Tamura using traditional Maki-e techniques in his studio in Kanazawa on the west coast of Japan’s main island. By painting layer by layer, these marks have a three-dimensional outline and are delicate and strong on the dial. Then, Tamura coated the powder with 24k gold or platinum and polished it by hand using his own special tools to give Maki-e a subtle shimmering look. These processes require a high degree of flexibility because it is challenging to give each marker the same depth (especially on curved surfaces).

Initially, this new design series included three limited editions. Both Urushi dials are made of 18k rose gold case, while the third model uses a blue Mt. Iwate dial, stainless steel.

Grand Seiko Elegance 20th Anniversary Seiko 20th Anniversary Elegant Series

Following Seiko’s own release of the new Prospex LX series, Seiko Watches announced four new 20th anniversary Grand Seiko elegance at the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Spring Drive, Grand Seiko has launched this series of new Elegance watches. Four new watches have been released. They are expected to bring a more refined and slimmer shape than ever before. Two of the four new models came out as hand-wound spring-driven movements. They all have an iconic sliding second hand, indicating a natural and continuous passage of time. These four movements all provide extremely high precision, a power reserve of one second per day and a longer power reserve, thanks to the double-spring design of the two movements.

The new 20th Anniversary Grand Seiko Elegance Series watch has a low-key refinement and high-quality sparks, reflecting Grand Seiko’s unique Japanese sensibility that continues to pass.

After more than 20 years of development, Spring Drive was finally released at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show in 1999, and has become a well-recognized development and is widely regarded as one of the most important innovations in the field of luxury watchmaking. Today, there are 20 years of history, the release of these new models celebrate Spring Drive, because the Grand Seiko Elegance series showcased new masterpieces with the support of Micro Artist Studio.

Micro Artist Studio first worked with Grand Seiko before Baselworld 2016, where they contributed 8 days of power reserve spring-driven watches to the brand and achieved great success. This team of superb watchmakers also provided them with a brand new movement, whose two springs are connected in parallel in a single barrel, and use the torque return system to generate an 84-hour power reserve, which is caliber 9R02 .

In the first two watches, every complex function in the movement matches the striking exterior. These cases are made of 950 platinum, only 9.8 mm deep, and the hands and hour markers are made of 14k white gold, bringing gloss and luxury to a new level. The dial is engraved with the Grand Seiko name and other dial marks to increase the depth, while the power reserve indicator can be realized through sapphire crystal glass.

The power reserve indicator can be seen through the bottom cover of the sapphire crystal case, and the shape of the lens barrel next to it echoes the shape of the bellflower that is the symbol of the salt where the studio is located. The edges of both bridges have been highly polished, so their brilliance contrasts with the bridge’s perfect hairline.

One of these two models is a limited edition, sold in a form that expresses the beauty of Mirco Artist Studio’s natural environment, and only sells 30 pieces. The “snowflake” pattern on the dial is inspired by the beauty of the snow surrounding the Shinsu area. The delicate engraving on the platinum case perfectly complements this intricate detail, and this limited edition model is engraved with the word “mini artist” on the 18k gold medal of the lower bridge. If the owner wishes, a plaque with his or her name can be used instead! Best Cheap Replica Watches