Introducing the Bremen Kingsman series, three watches designed for the new spy movie “Kingsman: Secret Service”

What is the use of spy movies and watches? Bond has his Rolex (now his OMEGA), and Bourne has his TAG Heuer. The movies of these characters position the watch as a subtle product (well, sometimes not so subtle). But the upcoming spy thriller “Kingsman: Secret Service” is not only on the front and middle of the watch, its producers and costume designers actually commissioned three watches specifically for this purpose. These watches are from Bremont and are based on the brand’s two existing chronographs, but the dial has some unique features and a fictional secret organization logo.

The three Kingsman watches have different roles in the movie. The black DLC steel Bremont ALT1-B2 GMT watch is suitable for new field recruits, and the rose gold and white dials are based on existing The chronograph of ALT1-WT world time experienced senior agent. There is also a steel version of the “World Timer”, also worn by non-agents, as part of the series. All models are equipped with Bremont’s Trip-Tick case standard specification table, 100-meter water resistance and a revised 7750 movement certified by the Observatory. Although the DLC version looks a lot like Bremen’s existing ALT1-B2 good replica watches, rose gold is the case material we first saw on the Bremen World Timer. All three watches are decorated with the mysterious Kingsman logo on the lower dial. Before the film was released on February 13,


Bremont watches are not the only wardrobe co-brand in the movie. In fact, it is part of Kingsman’s new menswear brand, which was created through a collaboration between filmmaker and British menswear supplier Mr. Porter. Clothes and accessories (including watches) in the wardrobe come from British brands such as Turnbull and Asser, George Cleverly and Drake’s and other services, and can only be purchased from Mr. Porter and some Bremont boutiques. This kind of collaboration will not be placed around the product with care; instead, the film will be opened and the film and brand will be merged. I hope that the viewers will love the film so much that they want to dress like the actors in the film. It remains to be seen, but anyway, when the film is released next month, pay attention to the wrists of Colin Firth, Mark Strong, and Michael Kane. Oh, if you look really hard, you will find Bremont co-founder Nick English, who has a cameo in the film.

Bremont Kingsman worn by Taryn Egerton in Kingsman (2015)

Kingsman is an “independent bond” that puts Taryn Egerton into public awareness. Since then, his new Elton John biopic “Rocketman” is just around the corner, and he has become famous. The Bremont Kingsman watch series was released with the release of the movie. There are three versions in real life: rose gold, stainless steel and DLC variants.

When the movie debuted, I was actually a watchmaker in Bremen. I saw some of them passing by my bench. They are very cool models, and my personal favorite is the stainless steel version.

Hawkeye movie fans will notice that the rose gold model in the movie wears a steel buckle. Rest assured, the real-life version comes with matching rose gold buckles, although I’m sure if you are desperate to get the screen’s precise entertainment features, Bremont will adapt. watch replicas china