Introduction Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorming Chapter 2

Bovet replica exclusive watch second round complication and inclined sapphire case.

The timepiece technology on this watch is delicate enough to make you breathless. After the first chapter of Brainstorming was released in 2019, the second chapter took on a series of complex issues: double-sided flying tourbillon; world timer indexed to the second time zone; and moon phase and power reserve indicators. The complex structure is arranged on the dome structure and displayed in the inclined sapphire case, which debuted with Bovet’s astronomical works. Brainstorming Chapter 2’s superb craftsmanship is an engineering feat. Just before the official release, we already have some hands-on time. This is what we found.

Slanted sapphire case
Between 2016 and 2018, Bovet launched the Astronomy Trilogy, thus demonstrating the essence of watchmaking. These watches are not only astronomically complex masterpieces, but also housed in a very unusual case, inspired by the angle of inclination on an antique desk. In 2019, Pavet Raffy, the owner of Bovet, decided to borrow a tilted desk-shaped astronomical clock case to see what would happen if it were made of sapphire. Baptism Récital 26 brainstorming chapter one, this watch provides a completely transparent and more modern look for the tourbillon and moon phase complexities. The inclination provided by the structure of the box-thicker at one end and tapering at the other-provides an ideal living environment for concentric rollers, a rotating dome and a three-dimensional indicator inside.

Earlier this year, the watch adopted another color scheme, but the layout is the same. Although the tilted sapphire case in Chapter 2 of Brainstorming is similar, the action on the deck is even more spectacular if possible! Admittedly, the two complex functions contained in the sapphire case of the second chapter of Brainstorm, namely the double-sided tourbillon and the moon phase, are the characteristics of the first Brainstorm model.

Brainstorming Chapter 2
This extraordinary replica watches best has a double-sided flying tourbillon in a transparent container, a precision moon phase indicator, a second time zone with world time, a power reserve indicator, and enough power in a barrel for 5 seconds Keep ticking inside. In one breath. Raffy manufactures from head to toe in the extensive manufacturing of Fleurier, and the development of Brainstorm Chapter 2 has kept his technical and prototype watchmakers busy for four years.

Sapphire cases are not new in the watchmaking industry. However, it is well known that the inherent hardness of sapphire makes it difficult to machine and polish. After all, sapphire is the second hardest material after diamonds. Other characteristics of sapphire are its crystal transparency and weight, which are lighter than titanium. The case has a diameter of 47.80 mm and a maximum thickness of 15.50 mm. It is made of sapphire and reinforced with a grade 5 titanium alloy ring on the case back and titanium alloy lugs. Yes, it is huge, but at the same time very light.

Starting with the basics, you will find the hours and minutes on the 12 o’clock bell-shaped blue quartz disc. If you are in travel mode, this disc corresponds to local time. The second hand is displayed on the 60-second tourbillon at 6 o’clock. There are two rotating domes below the fixed dome disk in local time: a dome at 3 o’clock displays the second time zone, and directly opposite 9 o’clock is another dome indicator for the moon phase.

In-depth understanding, you can see how the translucent dome time dial shows the following working principle and decorative features, and how to bend the gold hand to follow the outline of the hemisphere. By the way, local time masks can be ordered with green quartz or even blue Tanglin, although the last option may not provide such a good view.

World timer index to the second time zone
The rotating dome at 3 o’clock engraves the names of 24 cities representing 24 time zones. They are printed on the surface and gradually decrease in size when they reach the highest point of the dome. These cities are located on the rotating part of the dome, and complete the rotation by scanning the 24-hour scale of the base ring. The gold-shaped V-shaped pointer frames the selected city, and the time is displayed on the 24-hour fixed ring below. For example, in our photo, the city of Miami has been selected at 17:00. After selecting a city, the world timer will complete its adjustment and display the time of all other 23 cities at the same time. Take Miami as an example, you can see in Miami at 17:00, London at 22:00 and Geneva at 23:00.

Precision Moon Phase
The third dome in the trilogy corresponds to the moon phase indicator, which also rotates synchronously with the lunar cycle. As an accurate moon phase indicator, it only needs one day of correction every 127 years. It indicates not only the age of the moon in one hemisphere, but also the age of two moons. In order to understand the current phase of the moon, there is a golden structure with two round widows engraved with the words Sud and Nord. The round window slides over the two blue moons, highlighting the visible or invisible parts of the moon. The surface of the moon is carved by hand, and then treated with luminescent materials to bring a lovely light to the moon in the dark.

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The rotating dome and moon phase indicator of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) both perform their rotation through their patented radial guidance system. These tiny ruby ​​rollers are located on the circumference of each dome. They can be adjusted with micrometer screws to ensure that the spherical object remains centered at all times, and to ensure frictionless rotation. In turn, this can improve the accuracy of the movement and will not exhaust the power reserve.

Double-sided flying tourbillon and power reserve indicator
The double-sided flying tourbillon is fixed by a five-arm star structure, which is fixed by faceted sapphire and two blue screws. The missing sixth arm of the starry sky is a small blue pointer indicating the position of the running seconds.

The power reserve indicator is not on the dial or bottom cover. It is located on the thickest top of the shell, between the two lugs. In fact, a linear indicator with a yellow pointed pointer has been integrated into the cylindrical support structure of the main hour ball. The cylindrical structure below the time disc and the nameplate with -5 Jours + engraved on the bottom. The next layer is reserved for the linear power display hole.

As Bovet’s creation, decoration is as important as the mechanical principles of replica watches on sale. In this model, most of the decoration relies on hand-carved “broken glass” patterns, which you can admire on the basis of the three domes. Even the pillars need to be polished by hand to contrast with other steel elements with a satin effect.

Beautiful sport
The view on the back is very beautiful. The two golden hollow bridges in the center seem to hover over the silver structure supporting the dome like butterfly wings. Unlike most movements, this movement is fixed at the bottom of the case rather than in the middle to optimize transparency. Again, we use the cute broken glass hand-carved patterns we found on the dial to achieve the best results. Even the double barrel has a strong 5-day power reserve, and is decorated with a golden propeller pattern above the brushed silver base. The patented double-sided tourbillon is elegantly suspended in the air at six o’clock and is held in place by two bridges fixed in turquoise.

The manual winding movement beats at a frequency of 21,600vph and can store enough energy to maintain hours, minutes, seconds, moon phases, world time in the second time zone, and power reserve indicator for five days.

According to Bovet’s habits, collectors will be able to customize their watches. The watch we use in hands-on practice comes with a blue crocodile leather strap and a folding clasp in 18k white gold.

Technical Specifications- BOVET RÉCITAL 26 Brainstorming Chapter 2

Case: Diameter 47.80 mm x maximum 15.50 mm Thickness-Slanted sapphire crystal “writing desk” case-Grade 5 titanium ring on the case and lugs-convex crown-waterproof 30m
Dial: 3 domes-static dome at 12 o’clock local time, 3 o’clock rotating dome of the world timer, 9 o’clock rotating dome of the exact phase of the moon-6 o’clock double-sided flight Tourbillon clock-the power reserve indicator can be seen from the top of the case between the lugs
Movement: 17DM06-DT caliber manufactured by Bovet-manual winding-39mm-21,600vph-5 days power reserve
Strap: Double-sided alligator leather -18k white gold folding clasp
Reference: R26C2001 blue quartz dial
R26C2007 green quartz dial
R26C2010 Blue Tanglin Glass Dial