Anecdotes about Franck Muller watches

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Franck Muller cheap watches are unique in style, revolutionary in design and extremely complicated in mechanism.

Franck Muller, the co-founder of the eponymous brand, was originally a pocket watch restorer. In his 20s, he introduced his first watch series to private customers-all with complex movements. The watch industry immediately noticed this. At the peak of the quartz crisis, Muller represented the “hope” of a new era of mechanical watches.

Watches with avant-garde, bold and avant-garde design and complex functions are the cornerstone of the brand. At least it can be said that Franck Muller watches have no average value-this heritage has been maintained for many years.

For the novice Franck Muller, we have summarized some interesting facts you may never know.

Franck Muller is a relatively young brand

Compared with other big names in the luxury watch industry, Franck Muller is a relatively young manufacturer. Frank Mueller’s house, which was only 29 years old, was founded in Geneva in 1992 by Mueller and Vartanos Sirmakes. Due to its strong expertise in high-end watches, it quickly became famous.

Muller graduated from the Geneva Academy of Advanced Watchmaking and developed a strong interest in mechanical everything. It was not surprising that he later devoted his career to making highly complex watches. After years of auction house and luxury watch brand restoration work, Mueller began to manufacture mechanical watches replica under his own name.

In 1991, he met Sirmakes, a watchmaking enthusiast and watchmaker. Soon after, Mueller asked him to design and make a case for the new movement. This opened a legendary partnership and witnessed some of the most innovative watch complications in watchmaking history.

Franck Muller is called “Master of Complications”

Muller recognized the need for unique and complex watches early in his career. Therefore, he decided to regularly create complications that the world has never seen before. These complications are now called “World Premiere”.

Since 1986, Muller has been committed to making hand-made, highly complex and innovative watches, thus challenging the conservative industry that values ​​tradition rather than novelty. For example: he made the tourbillon visible from the front, which was the first in the history of watchmaking.

Mueller launched tourbillon with time-hopping function and tourbillon with minute repeater function in 1986 and 1987 respectively. In 1989, he launched the inverted tourbillon perpetual calendar with minute repeater function in the same way.

Mueller slowly but surely began to win the most orthodox and purist of watchmaking enthusiasts.

Franck Muller makes the watch more interesting

Of course, Franck Muller is not a person who follows the trend and is not afraid to follow the trend. Franck Muller decided to launch a new series called Crazy Hours in 2013 to challenge the concept of time. Although the numbers are completely confusing, this watch still keeps pace with the times thanks to its innovative jumping hour mechanism.

Franck Muller’s other iconic complications include the world’s first three-axis tourbillon launched in 2004. The Aeternitas Mega, launched in 2007, has 36 complex functions and 1,483 components. The other is the Giga Tourbillon with the largest tourbillon function. A watch launched in 2011.

One of his fanatical supporters, Elton John, even thought that Franck Muller had made innovations to make men’s watches “more interesting.”

Franck Muller fake watches have a unique shape

When you mention Franck Muller and the most iconic Cintrée Curvex, you can always think of it. From curved cases and unique silhouettes to interesting and unique digital designs, Cintrée Curvex watches are carefully manufactured by Franck Muller.

When round and rectangular watches dominated the market, Franck Muller (Franck Muller) introduced a case, the case is quite peculiar, barrel-shaped and curved. At that time, the unique identity of the brand was born.

Similarly, the dial of the Cintrée Curvex watch is equally refined. The curve must be perfect to conform to the shape of the case without affecting details and craftsmanship. In addition, Franck Muller (Franck Muller) also introduced a bright color dial, such as sapphire blue.

Its outstanding Cintrée Curvex timepieces include Casablanca, Pioneer, Heart to Heart, Croco Collections and Master Banker.

In a true Franck Muller way, the annual fair is one of the most anticipated events in the swiss watch men industry. It has attracted many Franck Muller enthusiasts. In addition, it showed everyone the superb watchmaking craftsmanship of the brand.