Patek Philippe 7175R World Time Moon 175th Anniversary

Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) ushered in 175 years old in 2014. In addition to the auction results worthy of mainstream media attention, the highlight of this year’s celebration is the 175th anniversary edition of Patek Philippe launched in October. Among these instant collections, Patek Philippe 7175R World Time Moon is outstanding.

The 7175R is undoubtedly the ultimate ladies’ watch of 2014. It combines all the complex functions and sense of chance in the 5575 men’s watch, but the 7175R has a huge advantage: rarity.

The monumental shape makes Patek Philippe 7175R World Time Moon unique. Its warm 18 carat rose gold matches the honey tones of the square cross-section glossy crocodile leather, and the appearance elegantly blends elegance. The bronze elements of the internal world time chapter ring have a harmonious combination of rich colors and finishes.

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In the center of the dial, a realistic moon phase marks a dramatic departure from Patek Philippe’s previous World Time watch. Although Patek Philippe has built such watches since the 1930s, the 7175R and 5575G are the first to combine moon phases. The vivid images of Saki Moon’s moon and surrounding stars add a moving depth to the center of the dial; it draws its eyes to the cosmic vista of what looks like a bottomless hole. Note the hour hand: This is the Patek Philippe Calatrava cross.

On the periphery of the dial, 70 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.6 carats add a 38 mm Patek Philippe 7175R world-time moon case to the moving luster and feminine taste. The solid bottom cover is engraved with the outstanding performance of Patek Philippe from 1839 to 2014.

The Patek Philippe 7175R includes all the commemorative content and the mechanical refining 5575 described. A Patek Philippe internal caliber 240 HU LU micro rotor movement combines the long-term Patek Philippe with the newer Spiromax silicon hairspring Gyromax signature free hairspring balance wheel. The result is a world-class accuracy to match the world-class finish; Patek Philippe says the accuracy is -2, +3 or less every 24 hours. Even certified astronomical clocks cannot meet these tolerances.

Frankly speaking, all Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary belongs to instant classic and investment-grade watches. These watches are unavailable, and only VIP customers and private friends of the Stern family can get a seat on the waiting list. Thanks to extraordinary resources and status in the watch community, watchuwant becomes possible. com has obtained this fully sealed, full accessories, complete record of Patek Philippe 7175R world time moon. This is the only example that can be delivered immediately within the continental United States.

All parties interested in obtaining this Patek Philippe 7175R World Time Moon Memorial Watch are encouraged to contact the watch.

Patek Philippe watches heritage

This exquisite watchmaking story began in 1839, and the heritage of Patek Philippe began here. Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) is the world’s oldest Geneva watch company today. This independence allows Patek Philippe to stay true to the brand’s vision and shape its own destiny.

Patek Philippe has won awards and inspired discerning shoppers since 1839. Its highest quality watch design has always been at the forefront of innovation and has been recognized. At the same time, constant innovation has made Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe swiss) the company’s entire watch technology advance with the times and look to the future. Those who own Patek Philippe watches will be honored to have such exquisite timepieces, and usually pass it down as a heirloom when appropriate. Eternity is almost (ironically) part of these timepieces. They are designed to pass on from generation to generation and continue to pass on.

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Patek Philippe watchmakers follow ten main principles: independence, tradition, innovation, quality and workmanship, rarity, value, aesthetics, service, emotion and tradition. In short, these watches have a soul, which is one of the reasons why the Patek Philippe model is so enviable. The Patek Philippe watch is like a work of art that makes the wearer feel the brand’s history and enthusiasm.

In 1851, the nobility was admired by the nobility at the beginning of the company’s establishment. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom glimpsed the work of Patek Philippe for the first time at the London Expo. In various industries and regions, many of the greatest figures in history like and rely on Patek Philippe watches, including Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, Walt Disney, Nelson Mandela and Eric Clapton. Read the Patek Philippe watch style carefully and you may understand why, even if it is only on the surface. Patek Philippe gents watches use the highest quality materials, such as platinum, 18kt yellow gold, rose gold or white gold cases, and stainless steel. They also have perfect perpetual calendar options, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, water resistance, and leather or complex gold straps. Each taste has a style, and each model is built with the highest quality products.

The brand logo is another indicator of its value. It represents the company with a simple iconic design. Maybe you appreciate the logo of Patek Philippe watches. You will find a “fleur-de-lis” shape, which was once engraved on the French royal weapon. Iris symbolizes prestige and sovereignty, however, the design of Patek Philippe is especially the cross of Calatrava after the title of the Spanish knight in the 12th century. Calatrava knights uphold courage, chivalry and independence. Therefore, Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) watches strive to achieve this glorious feature.

Patek Philippe (Petek Philippe) in-depth exploration, inherited the avant-garde innovative spirit in the strong watchmaking tradition in Geneva. Of the more than 20 patents of Patek Philippe, 20 have important technical significance for watch art and science-research and measuring time. The following is a brief introduction to the brand’s achievements:

• Record-breaking accuracy and balance in the 1940s;
• Automatic winding mechanism and time zone table in the 1950s;
• Compression of advanced mechanical devices in the 1970s and 1980s;
• Throughout the modern era, launched the prestigious and truly unique design, while continuing to innovate the type of spring through new materials.
Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) is a truly pioneering brand that has won the stars and stripes of the world’s top luxury watches.

Patek Philippe’s “Who” also contributed to the brand’s célèbre. The company was originally founded by Antoine Norbert de Patek, Francois Czapek and Jean Adrien Philippe and has been entrusted to the Stern family since 1932. President Thierry Stern, who represents the fourth generation of Stern, and his father’s honorary chairman, Philippe Stern, are very grateful for maintaining the company’s integrity and continuous efforts to improve the quality, reliability, and ambition of their timepieces. This independent ownership and operation allows the company to monitor the highest standards during the manufacturing process and keep all auxiliary facilities and studios (such as the company’s exclusive museum in Geneva (known as the temple of watchmaking)) under one eye To ensure excellent quality.

Let your heart guide the direction and start your in-depth understanding of Patek Philippe watch design. Which series do you like? There are crocodile leather straps and cute fonts. Big complications 18k white gold style. Sporty, tread pattern band Aquanaut is strong and practical. Classic gold round case with dark Roman numerals on the case Calatrava is absolutely timeless. Or, for ladies, twenty-four, stainless steel, white bracelet with diamonds is fashionable and fashionable, while the 18k rose gold gondola design has a unique retro and art deco style. Surprisingly, together with Patek Philippe, you can find aesthetics, quality, emotions and heritage in wrist watches for men.