Bremont Jaguar chronograph

The British watchmaker Bremont released the replica Bremont Jaguar D-type chronograph. This is the fifth part of the general release of the Jaguar series (the overall sixth part), which includes two chronographs (white or black MKII) and two time and date options (MKI and MKIII). Like the two previous chronographs, the D model uses the beautifully decorated BE-50AE with a base of ETA 7750. The MKII chronograph and this brand new blue D-Type watch, which debuted in 2014 as their most expensive (and exclusive) model, provide a powerful and accessible option.

Considering the tireless British spirit of the two brands, the entire Jaguar partnership is quite meaningful to Bremont. Although Bremen was first and foremost an aviation-centric brand, military ties and patriotism were always not far from the core message. Jaguar is an iconic brand and a perfect cross-industry partner that can enhance Bremont’s position in the minds of a potential new customer base, classic car enthusiasts.

The first Bremont Jaguar released and the six Jaguar E-Type issued are extremely limited. You can only get a watch if you own a car. Although we have recently seen TAG Heuer have the same stunts, this is still an unusual move. There is no doubt that this is a ranking for hundreds of customers (not cars) who are ready to buy fake watches in cash. This watch called Bremont Jaguar E-Type Lightweight is powered by the rarely used BWC / 01. The watch has been properly modified and La Joux-Perret 6901 is also installed on Bremont’s ultra-expensive Wright Flyer model. This is a beautiful watch, but a full release has never been planned. Due to a slight upgrade to BWC / 01-10, the following Bremont MKI uses the same case and dial design, but adds the date at 6 o’clock.

Bremont JAGUAR MKIII BJ-III/BK/R Replica Watch

However, given that MKI’s retail price has exceeded US $ 10,000, the series is still out of reach. MKII brings this beautiful range to more Bremont fans, and now, due to the release of Bremont Jaguar D-Type chronograph, there is also a blue choice.

The color scheme makes this replica watch immediately feel at home. Immediately, I realized that its patent similarity to the classic TAG Heuer Monaco color scheme may be related to the instant comfort that this watch gave me. It feels as if I have seen it before. Although I personally still like the black dial MKII, I appreciate the extended range of the Bremont series that may be my favorite. To be honest, I didn’t get enough tread edging on the crown.

As mentioned earlier, the Bremont Jaguar D-type chronograph is powered by ETA 7750. When peeling off its bare bones, its working speed is 28,800vph, power reserve is 42 hours, and the two sub-dial registers show the number of continuous seconds ( 9 o’clock) and timing minutes (3 o’clock). The chapter ring on the outside of the dial is equipped with a speedometer, in fact this is only the second time that replcia Bremont Jaguar watches use any type of scale (in terms of style, this is actually not a more appropriate scale) at least practical significance).