What is a tourbillon watch?

Affordable tourbillon watches have never been so popular. But what is a tourbillon movement, and why add a tourbillon replica watch to the watch series?

So what is a tourbillon watch? Why is this watch function so important, coveted and expensive? Let us further understand this complex, complex micro-engineering function, whose name comes from French, meaning “whirlwind”, or more appropriately “whirlwind” …

In the tourbillon watch movement, the adjustment system is installed in a cage and rotates around its axis. why? Because gravity affects the precision balance spring of the watch movement. This is especially true of pocket watches, which are mostly kept vertical. The tourbillon counteracts this error by changing the gravitational effect of the mechanical device, thereby averaging the rate error.

When the first tourbillon watch was invented in 1795, it was an important innovation. Subsequently, although the accuracy advantages of the watches are not yet clear, the micro-engineering and workmanship of the tourbillon means that they have appeared in some of the world’s most expensive luxury watches. It is only now that Far East Resources has started a new wave of affordable tourbillon watches.

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Who invented the tourbillon?
The king of top watchmaking, Abraham-Louis Breguet, invented the tourbillon in 1795, thus creating everything. Subsequently, he obtained a patent in Paris on June 26, 1801 (actually Messidor 7 in 1X, because the Republican calendar is still used in France).

Since then, many changes have taken place in the tourbillon. There are flying tourbillon, tourbillon rotating at different speeds, two-axis tourbillon, three-axis tourbillon and anti-vibration tourbillon. There are even tilt tourbillon and tourbillon watches with one, two or even four brackets … However, with the dominance of watches and the development of modern watchmaking, the value of tourbillon as a precision enhancer is greatly increased Reduced.

With the development of the tourbillon, the tourbillon has changed from “an interesting but obscure function in mechanical watches” described by Ariel Adams to an increasingly popular function.

A brilliant idea, beyond its redundancy
Until recently, this was a very expensive watch feature and peaked in the 1990s. At the time, the tourbillon was essential for the collection of any luxury watchmaker. However, the tourbillon has transformed from a real “beautiful solution to a real problem”. Time has proven that the tourbillon is so elaborately conceived that it no longer has redundant redundancy and has evolved into a complex watch exhibit. Less than 20 years ago, only the watchmaking elite was able to manufacture the tourbillon. Indeed, after the quartz crisis, the tourbillon became more and more refined and unique, because Swiss copy watches were redefined as luxury goods, not just chronograph tools. Tourbillon is the key marketing tool.

If a tourbillon says “I am valuable”, then flying, multi-axis and multi-axis tourbillon will say “I am more valuable”. Today, the price-competitive Far East movement reflects the trend of the entire industry by bringing affordable tourbillons to more watch enthusiasts. Tourbillons may be relatively commonplace and more and more easily available. However, even though their reasons for existence no longer exist, even the basic tourbillon, its sophisticated engineering techniques and craftsmanship can still last. The tourbillon may not be necessary for timing, but it is indeed a cool feature in your watch.

So, how does the tourbillon work?
What does the tourbillon do? As Breguet discovered, gravity affects the watch, but the tourbillon counteracts this effect through the average error.

Whether it is the simplest or the most complicated tourbillon, this is not a complicated thing (except for the basic minutes and seconds function, any timing function). According to Louis Nardin in “The Magic of Watchmaking: A Smart Start for Fine Watchmaking”, it is actually a “complex mechanism” including an escapement, hairspring and adjustment system, all in one microgram Heavy restraint inside the case.

Flying tourbillon
A simple tourbillon is usually located between the movable bridge and the bottom plate of the movement. However, on a flying tourbillon, the cage is usually fixed somewhere on the back. Since there is no bridge, the tourbillon can be better viewed, and the placement of the tourbillon should make the movement slightly proud.

Multi-axis tourbillon
On multi-axis tourbillons, the cage itself is integrated into various rotating systems, so the escapement rotates along two or three axes to better mix the different positions of the regulator. If you are really smart, such as Gyrotourbillon by Jaeger-LeCoultre, then you can combine multi-axis with flying tourbillon …

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Multiple tourbillons
Whether multiple tourbillons actually improve accuracy by increasing each other’s errors (by averaging each other’s errors) is still controversial. But what is certain is that they increase the “wow factor”. Take a look at Antoine Preziuso’s acclaimed “Tourbillon Tourbillon” and see what I mean.

Why tourbillon watches are so expensive
With the exception of the super rich, no one can get the ultra-luxury tourbillon watches of manufacturers such as replica Greubel Forsey or A. Lange & Söhne.

Rarity, technical complexity and finishing
The traditional high cost of the tourbillon is due to its rarity, technical complexity, finishing, miniaturization, and the time required to manufacture them. Some people say that the tourbillon “takes time to accurately measure time.” When designing as the core function, all but the cheapest products have high-quality decoration. The pivot is perfectly polished, the balance is unbiased, and perfectly matches the precise winding and fixed balance. Brackets require expensive heat treatment, but the tendency of steel to deform means that expensive heterogeneous alloys are used. Then, in addition to the hard dynamic balance and balance adjustment, all parts must also be accurately processed-in the field of effort, amazing accuracy has become the norm.

Traditionally, the high price of the tourbillon has another reason. In an article in TAG Heuer 02-T Tourbillon (2016), caliber 11 said: ‘Simply put, although the production cost of tourbillon is high, the brand can price it at a high price because They can … ‘