Review Richard Mille RM35 Rafael Nadal hands-on

Richard Mille Replica Watch Rafael Nadal RM 035-01

Eric has seen other Richard Mille watches in the past, but in this video, he all invested RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal, which It is a watch designed by Spanish professional tennis player Rafael Nadal.

This lightweight watch is also known as “Baby Nadal” because it is one-third the price of the actual Richard Miller tourbillon worn by Nadal in tennis (even lighter than this watch).

The official model of this RM is RM35-01 RAFA, this watch is really heavy! And please don’t understand the word “heavy” literally, because the watch is as light as a feather!

Why is this watch so light? Because it is made of forged carbon. When designing a watch for Rafael Nadal, he must be very light in tennis. As a result, the watch feels very comfortable on both the wrists of athletes and non-athletes.

Like most Richard Mille watches, many people are surprised by their extremely high prices. RM35 is no exception.

Richard Mille Replica Watch Rafael Nadal RM 35-02

The strap of the watch is made of Kevlar fiber and velcro. . . That’s right, Velcro! A $ 100,000 swiss cheap watch with a Velcro strap! the Lord!

But this is Richard Mille for you; this is an ultra-luxury brand that Eric does not recommend to inexperienced watch collectors. Watches like RM35 are suitable for collectors to choose and let them impress others with such excellent works!

Although Richard Mille RM35 is equipped with a special four-point shock absorption system to protect the watch on the wrist of an athlete like Nadal, this watch will suffer a high level of shock and shock, but it does not There is not as much complexity on the market as many expensive watches.

It is an all-around sports watch, designed with comfort in mind. The watch is also manually wound.

The RM35 feels like there is no dial. There are no numbers. You will see the case, then the glass dial, then the movement, then the bottom cover, the case is also made of carbon. That’s it!

The back is also carbon fiber, with almost no dial.

As far as Watch Game is concerned, Eric believes that replica Richard Mille RM35 is indeed a lightweight heavyweight champion!

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