Richard Mille RM 30-01 Automatic|Great play with clutch rotor mechanism

Richard Mille’s latest RM 30-01 Automatic Clutch Rotor self-winding watch, see the word “clutch” and “ON/OFF” on the surface, what does it mean? ⁠

When I first saw the Richard Mille RM 30-01 Automatic, I was awed by the different moving lines and sense of movement on the dial, because this time I did not use the curved shape of the previous models, but adopted a diamond-shaped geometric structure for different functions. Windows add dynamism, further reinterpreting the cutout design, while also easily bringing sight to different areas.

The biggest innovation of the RM 30-01 Automatic this time is the new RMAR2 automatic movement. The characteristic of this movement is that when the power reserve reaches 55 hours, the variable geometry oscillating weight of the RM 30-01 replica watch will automatically separate from the winding mechanism to eliminate the tension of the mainspring after the winding is full! ⁠

The purpose of this technical mechanism is to ensure that the RMAR2 movement can run under the most ideal stable torque/power ratio of the barrel, and when the power starts to run out and falls below the 40-hour power reserve, the rotor will automatically restart Engage to make the barrel wind up again and ensure the normal operation of the oscillating mechanism. It is definitely a very clever design!

At 11 o’clock, you will see an “ON/OFF” pointer display, which is actually an indicator of the clutch engagement status, which can help the wearer know whether the rotor is in the winding state (on) or disengaged state (off), at a glance , making users more at ease. buy new watch

Another feature I love the most is the crown function selector! You will see a button at 2 o’clock. With a single press, you can switch winding, date setting or adjust the time in multiple modes, and the crown function indicator is located above the large date window on the dial. Display the mode you choose, W means winding function, D means date setting, and H means adjusting time. It is also an easy-to-understand design, which makes people feel RM’s care in every detail.

The design of the super-large date window is also very thoughtful. Under the complex surface, the eye-catching but integrated way makes the date display very clear and will not be confused by the surrounding design. It can be understood at a glance. This is of course also a brand where the power lies.

There are two different material versions of this fashion men watch, one is made of 5N red gold for the bottom cover and bezel, with a middle case made of grade 5 titanium alloy; In addition, the watch strap only weighs 96 grams, which can be said to be like nothing!