MB&F LM101 MB&F X H. MOSER FUNKY BLUE 51.SL.MB Replica Watch

The new MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo series

For the past 15 years, MB&F has used high-quality materials and the latest technology to design and manufacture watches. The Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo, developed in 2015, plays a key role in the MB&F series. Five years later, the Swiss watch company released an updated version of the watch. The new Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo inherits its foundation and uses a 44mm zirconium box. The new model features a frameless structure and a new additional component name FlexRing.

The ring damper is installed between the transparent case and the hand-wound movement to help provide shock protection. The idea to add comfort is to match the color of the rubber strap. The biggest visual difference is that the series now offers three unique dial colors, namely blue, orange and white.

Over time, the independent watchmaking industry became more and more crowded, and new entrants entered the market. With so many brands, it is a difficult market to make your name famous and stand out from the growing crowd. However, there are two brands that can successfully stand out. They are H. Moser & Cie. And swiss MB&F. These two brands combine out-of-the-box thinking with incredible craftsmanship and unique design to successfully establish their own watchmakers’ identity and become watchmakers. They continue to surpass and challenge tradition. This is why when the MB&F x Moser collaboration was announced, the watch industry knew something special was coming.

MB&F History and Mission
Max Büsser, the former CEO of Harry Winston, founded MB&F in 2005 and became the world’s first watch concept laboratory. Max is committed to creating limited production of radical conceptual works. Max hopes to collaborate with other watch professionals in all his projects, which explains the name of MB&F – Max Büsserand Friends. Since then, MB&F has been committed to creating timepieces that have almost no similarities with other watches on the market today, thus becoming one of the top brands in the haute watch industry. This makes MB&F’s design aesthetics look a bit futuristic, and at the same time loyal to traditional technology, thus pushing the limits of timepieces to new heights.

MB&F LM101 FROST YG 51.YL.FW Replica Watch

H. Moser&Cie History
Henry Moser was founded in 1828 in Petersburg, Russia. Moser is an independent brand with the history of any other well-known big watchmaker you can think of. Although the brand was absorbed and renamed by Dixi Mechanique Group during the Quartz Crisis, it was reborn when it was relaunched in 2005. Since 2012, the brand has been owned by the highly respected Meylan family and run by its current CEO Edouard Meylan. Since then, Moser has made its watches highly sought after with its incredible dials, consistent design aesthetics and incredible craftsmanship.

As the saying goes, two people are better than one, and in this kind of cooperation, this is definitely correct. Like most projects at MB&F, it started when Max Büsser got in touch with his friend and Moser CEO Edouard Meylan to merge the best of the two brands into one watch and create something extraordinary. Merlin agreed to the condition that they made two watches instead of one-one for each brand. The basis is that each brand will adopt the genetic code of another brand and build a watch for itself. From this blueprint, we got MB&F’s “Moserised” Legacy Machine 101 and Moser’s Endeavor cylindrical tourbillon, inspired by the MB&F universe.

MB&F’s old machine 101
From the beginning, Büsser knew which components of the Moser brand DNA he wanted to integrate into the watch. In the initial discussion about the project, he mentioned Moser’s minimalist smoked dial and Meylan’s double balance spring, so it is not surprising that they appeared in MB&F’s final watch. MB&F Legacy Machine 101 is the table that Büsser decided to use as a canvas, you can use Moser’s “paint” if you want. The traditional machine itself is already an iconic MB&F design, so it provides the perfect watch for revisiting and updating. Büsser deleted the Legacy Machine brand and dial, and reworked the hands directly on the dial, which is the iconic appearance of Moser. Paired with a flying double hairspring and a smoky shaded dial, Moser has created a stunning watch that really looks like we have never seen it before.

H. Moser’s effort cylindrical tourbillon
At Büsser’s request, Meylan plans to remake MB&F’s FlyingT model, which is his favorite cheap replica watches. The signature feature of FlyingT is the cylindrical tourbillon protruding from the dial, so it is also the focus of Meylan. Merlin powers FlyingT Moser’s first cylindrical hairspring in the tourbillon. This hairspring provides a very fascinating way of movement for the tourbillon when it swings back and forth. This cylindrical hairspring was originally developed by Precision Technology, a division of Moser, for use in another MB&F watch Thunderdome. Meylan’s next change is to adopt FlyingT’s 40-degree turntable, make it transparent, and apply the Moser brand on it. This provides a complete view of the adjustment dial hands and the cylindrical tourbillon mechanism at the rear, giving the watch its name.

Like most industries, anniversaries are also very important in the watchmaking industry, and that’s why 2020 is the 15th anniversary for MB&F and Moser. Büsser founded MB&F 15 years ago, and Moser relaunched 15 years ago. Like the two brands, the number of these two watches is very limited. Moser’s Endeavor cylindrical tourbillon is available in 5 colors; fashionable blue, cosmic green, burgundy, off-white and ice blue-each limited to 15 pieces, the last color is Moser’s electronic Store exclusive. MB&F’s Legacy Machine 101 is available in 4 colors: fashionable blue, cosmic green, red and aqua blue. In the spirit of the two brands, quality is definitely better than quantity.